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Redecorate Your Teenagers Bedroom To Keep Them Entertained In Winter

Redecorate Your Teenagers Bedroom To Keep Them Entertained In Winter

Keeping a teenager entertained is no easy feat. During the summer months, it’s not so bad because they’ll be out of the house most of the time anyway. But when it gets too cold they’ll just be moping around the house and complaining that they’re bored. The best way to stop them from moaning is to set up a great bedroom for them that offers them plenty of activities to be getting on with until the weather is warm enough for them to go outside again. Here’s how to set up the perfect winter bedroom for your teenager.

Make It Multipurpose

During the summer they’ll be out all of the time and will probably only use their bedroom for sleeping in. Once winter rolls around, they’ll want to spend more time in there so you need to give them more options. Obviously, they’ll still need a sleeping area but you should also try to create a study area and a place where they can hang out with friends. If they’re going to be having people over, it needs to be an inviting and cozy space. When you’re looking for ideas for teenage bedrooms the idealist is the best place to look. They’ve got some perfect examples of how you can create a warm, cozy bedroom for your teenager which is also multipurpose. When you’re working with a small space you’ll have to get creative with the furniture.

Foldaway stuff is one of the easiest ways to double up on the utility of the room. When it comes to creating a lounge area, there’s no need to put in a sofa or anything big like that. Teenagers will be happy with a few beanbags and cushions in the corner. The soft furnishings will help to make the room feel a lot warmer as well.

A Bold Feature Wall

It’s always a good idea to let your teenager make a lot of the decisions about how to decorate the room, but they don’t always look to the future. They might have an idea about how they want to paint the room, but it’ll be you that has to pay to do it again when they go off it in a few years. A feature wall is a good compromise because they have free reign over it and if they want it changed then you’ve only got one wall to repaint. Use a warm color like a soft green or a gold, and then offset it with a more neutral color on the rest of the walls.

You could also use removable wall decals to make it easier to change in the future.


Teenagers aren’t known for their organizational skills but you should at least give them a fighting chance by putting some storage in. When it comes to winter, they’ll have a lot more coats and sweaters to put away. Giving them some good storage options might just encourage them to pick them up off the floor if you’re lucky.

Trying to keep a teenager occupied in winter is an uphill battle but a good bedroom goes a long way.

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