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Family Fun Days: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Family Fun Days: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Let’s be honest here for a moment, shall we? Having a family fun day out has its fair share of exciting and memorable moments. There are, or course, those moments where you wish things had gone a little better, and don’t get me started on those times where you wish you hadn’t bothered. It can be a rollercoaster journey and one that is certainly filled with emotion. But, one can all agree, that the good times far outweigh the bad memories, and it is always those fun times that you look back on so fondly. I wanted to share with you some of my ideas on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to family fun days out.

The Good

There are so many pros to organising a decent family fun day out. From deciding where to go to planning the day out with an itinerary and all your plans. You may start by bouncing round the ideas of what to do, maybe a visit to something like Seaquest Aquariums, perhaps a trip to a theme park, a wander around your local farm or even just a nice leisurely meal out. Of course, many of these activities would depend on the age of your children, but you get the idea. There are other elements of good when it comes to family fun days. Capturing the memories on camera or with video footage. Enjoying some quality time together as a family and communicating for once. It’s all of these things that motivate us to do these things at weekends or during vacation time, and it certainly isn’t worth being put off.

The Bad

Of course, there are elements of bad moments when it comes to family fun days. At the time, these can feel horrific, embarrassing and even mortifying depending on the event and problem that occurred. But 90% of the time, these bad things can often be something that you laugh about once the moment has passed or at a later stage. Children can often be unpredictable, and so can their behaviour. So you may find that the bad elements of a family fund day has much to do with the mood of your child. Being too tired, too hungry or simply cranky can make or break your day, that is for sure. But yet remember, this will often be something that you will find funny in the future. Hold on to that thought.

The Ugly

Finally, there will be times when you have some pretty ugly moments on a family fun day. Maybe getting a car stuck in a ditch or mud on a field. Perhaps a child having a toilet accident and having already gone through their final set of spare clothes. Maybe it is dripping food all over you, ripping some clothes, or just not having a day go your way. It can sometimes feel overwhelming when you have a small family of children to consider. But once again, these moments will be taken with a pinch of salt as time moves on.

Family fun days will always be a fantastic way to spend time with your children, and while there may be some bad and real ugly moments to your day, when they are in bed sound asleep you will treasure the memory you made.

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