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Your Complete Guide to Designing and Creating the Most Beautiful Space in Your Home

Your Complete Guide to Designing and Creating the Most Beautiful Space in Your Home

Our houses are often our safe havens in a busy, stressful day. When we get home after a long day of work, errands, and nonstop life, we want to feel welcomed and relaxed. That’s why it is so important to create a space in your house where you can go to and unwind to take away your cares.

For some people, they enjoy a nice, long soak in their bathtub. For others, sitting on their back porch listening to the soothing sounds of nature is their peaceful place. But for those of us who want to create an area where we can relax with our families but also entertain guests, watch TV, play games, and live our best lives in our homes, the living room becomes our favorite place.

Here is your complete guide to designing and creating the most beautiful room in your home.

10 Ways to Make Your Living Room the Most Beautiful Space in the House

  1. Choose a color scheme you love. Many homeowners stick with the neutral theme of beiges, grays, and taupes. This is fine if you are looking at a resale potential in the future, but if your home is your haven for the long run, why not make it one you enjoy walking into?

If you love vivid splashes of bold color, incorporate them into your living room theme through chair railing and molding, couch pillows, wall hangings, and other accessories. If you prefer a more subtle look, stick with the neutrals but add varying shades of navy blues and grays. Simple patterns like paisleys and wide stripes add personality to any room.

  1. Accentuate your walls with mirrors. No, mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms. The careful look of multiple mirrors is a classic way to reflect light throughout the room and make your space look and feel larger. Wide, wall-sized mirrors or those similar to poster-sized are often used to decorate living rooms. Avoid multiple small mirrors in one room, since that makes the area look cluttered and hectic.home mirrors

You can also choose the mirrors you use to showcase your personality by selecting those with feminine, delicate frames or larger, bolder designed edges. Your mirrors can be the dominant pieces on your walls or so carefully selected you barely notice that they are there.

  1. Pick your furniture so that it is cozy, comfortable, and eye-pleasing. Your living room space should contain furniture that blends in well with the overall aesthetics of the room. A couch, loveseat, coffee table, and foam bag chair are all you need to create an inviting space, but if your couch and loveseat are more for looks than comfort, no one will want to use them for relaxing.

On the other hand, if they are lived in, well-used, and you’ve had them forever but they don’t fit in with the atmosphere, they will always be a glaring aspect of the room that detracts from its beauty. You may choose to have the piece reupholstered to match your color scheme or replace it altogether, even with all of the memories the two of you have shared.

  1. Don’t forget the greenery! Plants are often overlooked as part of home interior decoration. However, these inexpensive accessories add so much to every room in the house! From small, dainty plants with colorful flowers to large pots of strong, flowing vines, the perfect greenery is out there to make your room beautiful.

Using plants as decor in your home provide many added benefits. They purify the air in your environment naturally, reduce carbon dioxide levels, and increase the humidity. Additionally, they reduce pollutants and dust levels, helping those with allergies breathe better, and act to naturally keep the air temperature down in your home.home plants

Studies show that indoor plants help boost happiness, too. Seeing greenery or any type of nature subconsciously relaxes us, calming our moods. Houseplants can increase productivity and reduce your stress levels, making them the perfect touch to your beautiful space.

There are multiple types of plants that you can pick from for your living room, so if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry! Just find a plant that can last without a lot of direct sunlight and water, find a central spot for it near natural lighting, and add a reminder on your phone to water it as recommended.

  1. Accessorize, but don’t overdo it. Knickknacks that express your personal tastes are great. They make you feel good when you see them and are often excellent conversation pieces. But when you overdo it, it makes the space you are in seem cluttered and stressful.

Accessories in a room are also dust accumulators, so, while accessorizing is a must, you need to choose what you use carefully. Is it something you can move easily to dust around? Does it serve a purpose beyond looking good? Does it fit in with the overall effect you are trying to create in your room? It might be gorgeous to you, but if it doesn’t fit in with the room’s decor, it may be best left in another part of your home instead.

  1. Texturize where you can. Your furniture is comfortable, your plants are relaxing, and your accessories make you smile. Now it’s time to get cozy.

Area rugs over a neutral carpet or wood floors help to break up larger areas of space and add comfort. The right rugs also create interesting looks, like splashes of bold colors and patterns. Soft pillows and blankets add texture to the room so that you want to be in there and, while you are, you feel welcomed.

  1. Make your furniture useful as well as comfortable. Clutter is a common byproduct of a well-used room. It is also well known as a stress creator. When the brain sees clutter, it increases anxiety and overwhelm. Luckily, you can fix this with the strategic choice of furniture that doubles as a clutter reducer.

Coffee tables with drawers in them, organization baskets that fit your decor and sit on your shelves, and even ottomans with hidden spaces are perfect to hide clutter and keep your living room the welcoming, beautiful space you love.

If you plan to use the room as a get-together area to play board games, watch TV with your family, and enjoy guests, make sure your furniture is well-placed for those functions, too. A wide coffee table is a perfect spot for cards and board games, especially with those comfy foam bag chairs that you wisely chose!

  1. Design a feature wall. Your living room does not have to be boring and plain. Instead, jump in with the new style of feature walls to add depth, color, and texture to the room. Choose one wall to feature as the spotlight of the room and then use your imagination to decide how to add style to the wall. Paint, wood, and tile with bold colors are commonly used on feature walls.

Busy, patterned feature walls pair best with solid, complementary colors on the adjoining walls, whereas solid or paneled feature walls can be spruced up with splashes of color in the rest of the room.chandelier

  1. Make smart use of your lighting. Natural lighting is best, but you can enhance any room with extra lighting fixtures. Hanging chandeliers with bright lights, lamps with bold lampshades, and sconces hung on the walls increase the light in a room and make it look larger and more inviting.

Large windows allow natural light in a room, which is recommended, but always make sure your curtains touch the floor. Keep your curtain rods simple and basic, too, so the focus is on the windows, lighting, and draperies rather than the rods.

  1. Add art as your finishing touch. Incorporating art into your living room is a cultural classic. Whatever your style, from contemporary to elegant, sculptures to framed paintings, art is a must for every living room.

Make sure your chosen piece of art is visible and eye-catching. It should be a conversation starter, but it should also have a personal touch to it. It might be tempting to showcase a department store frame. These have no significance or story behind them, though, and are best left for other rooms in your home.

Your living room is your personal space, and the art that you include in it should tell a personal tale. If you can’t find something that speaks to you and resonates with you well enough to include it in your sanctuary, create something unique yourself!

It’s Your Space – Make it Your Version of Beautiful

These ten steps will help you to design and create your own beautiful space in your home, but it may not be everyone’s version of beauty. As long as you enjoy the room, feel comfortable and relaxed in it, and it makes you happy, you have done your job well.

With the greenery you hand-selected, the comfy furniture and bean bag chairs, and cozy blankets and pillows, your new room will be the favorite of the entire house!

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