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Moving With Pets

Moving With Pets

Moving home with a pet in tow adds another layer of complication to an already stressful process. There are ways to make it easier on you and your furry companion. 

Before The Move

Make sure you’ve found somewhere pet friendly to move to. Renting with pets can be difficult, not impossible. If you’re moving with your pet, be sure to use local resources — here is a good example — to find the best option.

Find somewhere for your pet to go on moving day. This could staying with a family member, or a day with a pet sitter. Taking them out of the way reduces the risk of them escaping or getting injured. 

Update any microchips or ID tags with your new contact information. If your pet tries to return to your old home, this ensures they can be returned right away. 

Register your pet with a new vet near where you’re moving too, and make sure you have copies of any records from your current vet. While you’re there, ask your vet for advice to minimise stress on moving day.

On Moving Day

Put aside anything your pet will need until last. If they’re going somewhere for the day, send them with any dishes, food, bed and favourite toys. Familiarity will help and makes sure anything essential is with them and not lost in the back of the moving van. 

Try and keep your pets’ routines as normal as possible to keep them calm. If it’s impossible to send the pet away for the day, warn the movers which room the animals are being kept in, so nobody lets them out by mistake. 

Move your pet yourself in your car, where you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and comfort them. Being with strangers won’t help an already confusing situation. For travelling, make sure you have water available for them. If your pet is prone to travel sickness, avoid feeding them for a few hours before the trip to avoid messes. Offer a litter tray or make regular stops for bathroom breaks.

After Moving

A new place will be confusing for your pet for the first few days. Try and stick to a familiar routine and keep your pet’s things where they can easily find them. Keep things as normal as possible while the pet settles in to the new place.

For cats, keep them in for the first few weeks until they understand that the new house is home. When it’s time to let them out, send them out hungry and leave the door open, so you can easily tempt them back. Let the cat go out to explore in it’s own time, and be prepared for it to not go very far at first. 

Moving with a pet can be made easier on everyone with a little advance preparation, and on the day common sense. A regular routine and some loving care will help your pet settle into the new home in no time. 


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