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A to Z of Your Kitten’s Medical Needs

A to Z of Your Kitten’s Medical Needs

Bringing a kitten home can begin your beautiful journey of feline parenthood. Simply bringing a kitten home is not all there is to be a cat parent. Your kitten needs a lot of medical support at a young age to ensure that they grow up to be healthy cats. Before ordering discount cat medicine online here is all you need to know about your kitten’s medical needs.


The first thing you need to be aware of before getting a pet is the vaccine schedule. Ordering discount cat medicine online comes far behind on the list. Within 24 hours of adopting your kitten, you need to take them to the vet. Your vet can check your kitten and suggest the vaccine schedule. The rudimentary vaccination schedule to follow is:

  • FVRCP vaccine for Feline Distemper which needs to be administered when your kitten is 6-10 weeks old.
  • At 11-14 weeks of age, your kitten will need another dose of FVRCP for Feline Distemper along with FeLV for Feline Leukaemia.
  • After they are 15 weeks old, they need to get the last up shots of FVRCP and FeLV, for Feline Distemper and Feline Leukaemia, along with rabies shots.
  • Once the three sets are complete, you need to take your kitten to the vet to get a combination up-shot for FVRCP and FeLV along with law mandated rabies shots.

This is the standard schedule that most vets follow. These vaccines need to administer at regular intervals.


The first thing you need to do with your kitten is- take them to the vet to get them checked for external parasites. You may be ordering discount cat medicine online for mild external parasite medicine if your vet recommends it.

Apart from fleas, your kitten can have ear mites. Cleaning of ear mites should be done by your vet since you may end up hurting your fragile kitten. There are many over the counter medicines for fleas and mites but do not buy them for kittens unless your vet recommends it.

Internal parasites like Roundworm, Hookworm, Coccidia, and Giardia can infest your kitten. The treatment for these parasites should rely entirely on your vet. With the help of anti-parasitic and antibiotic medication, your vet can cure your kitten.

When ordering discount cat medicine online, ensure that it is the same medicine that your vet has recommended. If you cannot find the medication your vet has recommended ask your vet for an alternative, do not order other medicines without asking your vet first.

Eye Infection

Kittens tend to contact eye infections easily. If you see that your kitten’s eyes are too watery, too red or have too much discharge, rush them to the vet. Your kitten’s eyes are the window to their health. From the eye discharge, your vet can judge what ailment your kitten is suffering from. Conjunctivitis, sinusitis, and rhinitis are common diseases that can be detected from the condition of the kitten’s eyes. Your vet can prescribe medication to help manage these ailments till your kitten develops their immunity.

Never try to give your kitten any medicine without asking your vet is a thumb rule that needs to be stressed on. Kittens are very fragile, and any wrong medication can take a significant toll on their bodies.

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