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Best Dog Breeds for a Lady

Best Dog Breeds for a Lady

Did you really think that dog was a man’s best friend? Men are not the ones who are predestined to own dogs. Dogs can be a woman’s thing as well. Who ever thought that men like dogs and women prefer cats should reconsider his beliefs or at least try to get more information about this topic. Ladies too have the right to own dogs and in most case they are far better at it then men.

Women have needs as well and there are some needs that a man can’t give you, or is not capable to do it (sorry guys). So a perfect substitute can come in the form of a dog. Your pet can be the best roommate that you ever had. Sure you have to clean after them and they will never wash the dishes for you, but they give so much in return and are much more valuable than you may think.

There are a number of reasons why a girl should get a dog and there are an uncountable circumstances a dog would be a good idea. But there are a number of questions that come whether to own a dog. Which one to get? Can I keep it in my apartment? Where should I keep it while I’m away? Should I really get a dog? All of these questions are important but they should not be taken as seriously as you may think. Owning a dog doesn’t have to be a chore. You should view it as an advantage and see the dog as your friend or a companion.

Here we answer some questions about best dog breeds for a lady.

Is There a Specific Dog Breed for a Woman?

This questions is very easy to answer. Dogs are as diverse as humans, or in this case as women. There isn’t one specific dog breed that is suitable for girls, nor are there more breeds that you should consider lady-like. Generally speaking, different dog breeds exist and different women exist as well. Somewhere out there is a dog breed or a specific kind of a dog which is tailor made for you. But the question is “where.” You need to look deep inside yourself so you can determine your needs, your characteristics and your wants. That is the only way for you to start the search for a suitable dog companions. Look at it the same way as finding a guy. But in this case the search doesn’t have to be so heartbreaking. Once you see the one that you really like, you will know it. A dog that fits your personal needs and characteristics should be the dog to go for.

Breed Matters, but Breeding Matters More

The characteristics of a pure breed dog are usually established by any Kennel Club that you can find out there. You can also read about many dog breeds and find out their characteristics very easily. Specific types of dogs are breed for a specific thing and they will strive in fulfilling their purpose. But the reality is not like they tell you on the internet or in books. Like humans, some dogs have their own individual personality which is mainly based on the breeding or is transferred from their parents. Think of it this way. There are different nationalities in the world and nationalities are labeled with a certain characteristics unique to the. But you still get individual people who have their own characters that is much different from the general premise you have about a certain nationality. The same goes with dogs. A lady should choose a breed of dog based on the characteristics that the dog has and then meet the dog in person. That is probably the best way to determine what the dog is actually like.

What are Some of the Things That You Should Look Into When Picking a Dog?

Since you have to pick based on your personal wants and needs, here are some things that you should consider when doing so. Pick your dog based on your: energy level, time commitment, living situation, social life, interest in training, hobbies, and safety. These are of the things that you should consider when getting a dog. You do not have to get them all, but try determining at least some of them. It will make your decision a lot easier and you will know that you picked the right dog for you if you go over these points first.

Lastly, here are some of our best dog breed picks for a lady. Again, this doesn’t have to be your list but it can help you determine some things and also allow you to start from somewhere.

Neapolitan Mastiff

A Neapolitan Mastiff is perfect for a woman in so many sense of the word. First of all, this dog is really protective and serves as a great guard dog. They do not allow anyone to mess with their masters and are highly protective of them. If you are living alone or you want to protect the stuff in your apartment, this dog is here to serve you. It is also pretty quiet and they tend not to bark a lot. They do not even bark on intruders but rather sneak up on them. They are not overtly aggressive, but can be if they are provoked or when they need to protect their masters. The Neapolitan Mastiff does not have high levels of energy and does not require frequent walks. Making it perfect for girls who feel the same. The Neapolitan Mastiff price is not so high as compared to other dogs who offer protection, so it has that thing going for it as well.


Some would say that this dog is only good for protection. The Doberman is a pretty imposing and intimidating dog and its main purpose is providing protection for their masters. Girls who live in a really dangerous neighborhood or who are really scared to be alone can get one. They can protect a house equally well as an apartment and are very much adaptable. But they are not only there to be all serious and to provide protection. These dogs are very smart and active and can go with you and do various different things. They are highly trainable and will not attack any person unless you tell them to do so. Their masters are really important to them and they will form an attachment to you which is not easy to break.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

If you like pampering your dog, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is the best one for you. The Cavalier is a small dog, great to keep in an apartment, and is really cute. They enjoyed being cuddled and they like being groomed and they will not mind you doing anything to them to make them feel happy. These dogs are also full of energy. They will make you happy the second you see them. The Cavalier loves to run around and jump, but when you train it properly it will not do that in public or in specific situations. Due to their small size, you can take them with you anywhere. They will go for a walk with you or will simply spend a day just nosing around.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a great dog for an active woman. If you like being active and love to run as well as excreting your energy every day, then the Australian Shepherd is the best dog to keep up with your energy needs. This type of a dog has the high energy, the looks and is also very cuddly, everything that a girl could expect from her pet. They are intelligent and will be there to support you if you are feeling down and immediately ty to make you feel happy. But these dogs can be sensitive as well and do not like being left alone. So try to spend as much time as you can with them. It makes them much happier if they are close to a person they love.

Great Dane

If you want a dog who is at the same time gentle, low maintenance and protective, then a Great Dane is the best type of dog for you. People usually refer to these dogs as Gentle Giants. Their imposing size allows them to be considered as great protectors and dogs that can guard the house. But in fact, these dogs are really gentle and are probably the biggest lap dogs in the world. They like staying in and laying on the bed. They respect their masters to the fullest and will protect them no matter what. They also tend not to bark a lot, but when they do, you know that they mean business. But what makes them perfect for an apartment, even due to their enormous size, is low maintenance. You do not really have to groom these dogs as much as other breeds. They require very little maintenance. So if you are fed up of that, we suggest getting a Great Dane.


A Saluki is a very elegant kind of a dog. It looks fashionable and is very suitable for a posh kind of a woman. If you want a dog that will match your lifestyle, then the Saluki is the perfect choice. These dogs do require some maintenance and grooming in return, but it is probably not a problem if you want you and your dog to look as best as you can. These dogs can be playful, but when trained well they are very much relaxed and will behave in the situation that you need them to. You can keep them in the yard or in an apartment and their adaptability is also their advantage.

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