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10 Simple Ways To Purify Air In Your Home

10 Simple Ways To Purify Air In Your Home

If we talk about air pollution then we are usually concerned about outdoor air quality. But, we forget that we spend most of our time at our home or workplace. Therefore, indoor air quality is equally important to us.  We should maintain our indoor quality up to the mark for good health.

There are different ways to purify air inside the walls and one of them is to install ducted aircon Sydney. Our indoor air quality directly impacts our health. Are you curious to know simple hacks to improve the air quality in your home? Have a look!

  1. Ventilation Plays Crucial Role

Good air circulation is important to maintain good indoor air quality. Continuous air-flow will remove impure stagnant air and fill your rooms with good quality air. To ventilate your house, one of the perfect solutions is open doors and windows of your home.

  1. Maintain Clean Clothes & Bedsheets

There are various sources for degrading the air-quality and dust mites are one of them. Dust mites can create irritation on your nose and throat leaving you restless for the whole day. You can also find dust mites on your clothes, cushion or curtains.

If you want to get rid of these then you should keep these items clean and also use low allergenic washing soap. On the other hand, if you have pets that keep them out of your house and maintain separate pet house for them. Pet dander also degrades air-quality and can aggravate respiratory problems.

  1. Maintain Your Air-Conditioner

Latest technology air-conditioners are integrated with air-filters that remove pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Air conditioning Sydney can improve air-quality inside your house significantly and refresh the stale air.

The air-filters inside AC cam remove impurities, pollen, dust, dirt etc. But, these filters will work in an optimum way if they are maintained and changed after a regular interval.

  1. Lit Up Beeswax Candles

Do you know that beeswax candles can purify the surrounding air? As we lit up these candles, they start releasing negative ions. Pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and various other unwanted elements hold a positive charge.

After burning beeswax candles, positively charged particles attracted to be sucked into the candles or to fall from suspension. This phenomenon is far better than various air-purifiers technique because it is completely organic and does not harm our natural environment.

The beeswax candles are completely natural and do not emit any type of contaminant in the air. Moreover, they also smell good and create an attractive atmosphere.

  1. Use Himalayan Salt lamps To Reduce Asthma Attacks

Salt lamps also help you in purifying your indoor air. To build up these lamps, put a light source in the big mass of Himalayan salt. This combination will emit out negatively charged ions and attract positive ions (junk material contain positive charge).

In this way, a Himalayan salt lamp can fight against contaminants that are responsible for allergies. It has been reported that people who are suffering from asthma, salt lamps have reduced their symptoms.

  1. Use Activated Charcoal

This phenomenon has been used for decades and it can safely purify your indoor air-quality. This was used in World War I as an active ingredient inside the gas mask. Nowadays, various forms of activated charcoal are used in many types of filters.

It is used to clean the air inside nuclear submarines and also used to reducing carbon emissions through cars. You can use it at your home to fast and optimum results.

  1. Plant Purifying Trees

Do you know that some houseplants can increase the flow of oxygen inside your home and remove toxins as well? Not just they purify the air-quality but also improve the aesthetics of your place.

  1. Use Essential Oils At Home

If you want to reduce bad odours from your home in an organic way then essential oils are the best way. All you have to do is to pick the right oil and use it in the right quantity.  It will improve air quality and help you to get rid of bad and harmful fumes.

9. Type Of Furniture Matters

Most old furniture items contain glue that emits toxins into the atmosphere, long after they have left the factory floor. This toxins emission can degrade the quality of air inside your home. Therefore, it is recommended to pick your furniture carefully to avoid this slow poisoning.

  1. Home Renovation With Natural Products

All types of paints and carpets are comprised of some harmful gases that continue to emit after installation. These gases can aggravate respiratory allergies. While renovating your house, you should make good decisions early to ensure a healthy home for a long time.

Final Words

Air-quality directly impact our health! Therefore, all of us should put efforts to maintain good quality air inside our house and workplace. Implement above-mentioned tips and enjoy good quality surroundings. 

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