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4 Ways you can Decorate your Home on a Budget

4 Ways you can Decorate your Home on a Budget

It does not matter what you do in your day to day 9-5 grind, the fact of the matter is unless you’re Lord Sugar or Sir Richard Branson, you probably have to budget for some things in your life. Sadly one of those things for many of us is home decoration and Joyful Source is your one stop for inspiration!

Let’s be honest, while tastes vary significantly, no one wants to live in a blank, featureless box! After all, a home without any character and personality is not a home – it’s nothing more than a place to sleep which is nothing, if not depressing.

Getting that high end look, might be something you feel is beyond your reach, but fortunately, we’ve got some great home decorating tips and ideas that you can use that will not break the bank. They’ll still give your visitors a “wow,” but perhaps, more importantly, they will let you truly enjoy your home.

So without further ado, here is our list of 4 home decorating ideas on a budget.

Focus on the Details

You’d be surprised at the impact small changes and items have on the overall feel of a room. Most people assume that they need to spend big money to get the most expensive furniture or painting when in reality, it’s really the accessories that pop out at people.

You’d want to focus on the “soft furnishings” here. Things like pillows, blankets, and even curtains. Try to come up with a colour scheme that compliments your furniture without overwhelming it. Balance each piece of furnishing to the overall interior. Consider the amount of natural light and how it disperses.

Another exceptional detail that is very inexpensive is crown moulding. Modern plastic versions of crown moulding are paintable and can be added at the junction of wall and ceiling to make the room appear larger or even midway up the wall as a chair rail.

Either way, they are a decorative feature in themselves and provide a significant impact and that’s what counts!

The Colours of the Rainbow

Paint is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways for you to transform your home. While the initial selection process can be somewhat daunting, the fortunate truth is that if you make a mistake, it’s one that is relatively easy to correct. Simply paint over it! As simple as that.

Many more vibrant colours add a glamour and sophistication to a home that is unachievable through other methods. Rich reds are particularly eye-catching and elegant and can be used either as a feature in a home or as one of the accent colours.

Light Up Your Room

Many homes still have the same standard ho-hum lights that the builders initially put in. If you’re decorating on a budget, one thing you absolutely need to look at is the lighting. While designer light fixtures can vary wildly in price, again online options abound to give you some ability to pick and choose.

Also, markets and car boot sales are great ways to get second-hand light fixtures that are still in good condition. Going this route, you can definitely get a designer “look” without spending a fortune. It might require some additional TLC at home – perhaps some paint? – but with a bit of effort, you can completely transform your room by changing the lights.

Don’t be Afraid to be “Quirky”

For some low cost home décor ideas, don’t be afraid of going out on a bit of limb. Not everything has to be from the “big box” stores. You can find quite a few interesting, and unique pieces in thrift stores or even your local market and not only are they talking points by themselves they help give your home character.

If you don’t have access to a local market, fortunately, you are living in the internet era, and there are plenty of sites online – Etsy is a great one for example – where you kind find one-of-a-kind pieces at a reasonable price. Alternatively, if you’re somewhat handy, you can work through some really innovative and exciting ideas on your own!

That said, not everyone has the time or finances to decorate a house. If you’re one of these people and are interesting in selling your home, Housebuyers4u is a company that prides itself on buying any house in any condition so you’re interesting in a quick cash sale, never hurts to ask for advice!

We hope some of the tips we’ve provided here will help you spruce up your house a little and make it look the way you want it!

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