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Flowers That Make Great Beauty Ingredients and Tops to Grow Them

Flowers That Make Great Beauty Ingredients and Tops to Grow Them

Beauty is subjective. When it comes to us- humans, beauty should be defined by ‘feeling beautiful’. When we use a beauty product, it has a psychological impact on us which makes us feel more confident about it. Interesting fact is flowers are used as natural ingredient for various beauty products.

The chemicals in flowers work wonders for skin-care and hair therapy. The vitamins and gentle nutrients of flowers helps in maintaining the skin cells and scalp.

You can make organic products at home as well if you know the right type of flowers. You can order these online from stores such as the Whole Blossoms website or your local flower shop.


Rose has hydrating properties that prevents the skin from wrinkling. The acids within rose kills the various harmful bacteria and viruses from the skin saving it from skin infection and diseases.

Rose extract also helps in purifying digestive and menstruation issues, thus saves the skin from acne and scars.

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For skin-care products, rose content is used in lotion, cream, face-wash, cleanser, toner and many more. For hair products, roses are an important ingredient in shampoos and oil.

“ Roses are great to make rose water out of with fresh organically grown roses. Rose water has hydrating properties and is so refreshing. Rose extract is  great for mature and dry skin which makes it a wonderful product for aging skin. It is a cell rejuvenator which reduces scars and is great for sun burns. “ says Marla Gates from, “Other flowers that I can think of that make great beauty ingredients are lavender, Chamomile, Calendula (Marigold),  Echinacea, Jasmine, Lotus, and Elderberry. I personally am a rose water lover and you can make it yourself from your own roses bushes as long as they are organically grown.”

In normal oil or lotion, you can add rose water to get good results for your skin. Rose water can be made by crushing the petals from the plant, creating an infusion from it with boiling water.


We all know that violets are fragrant and beautiful flowers for wedding bouquets and accessories but what we don’t know is they are a key ingredient for beauty products. The hydrating and moisturizing properties of violet make it an important content for skin-care products related to dry skin and cleansing.

Violets act as a natural source for salicylic acid which works as an antiseptic in fighting germs and bacteria of skin. Hence, this violet extracts are used in acne-fighting creams and beauty products.

For natural oils, cleanser and toner violets are widely used. You can create violet extract on your own and add it with your regular toner. You need to collect fresh whole blossoms and create an infusion by heating the crushed petals.

Passion Flowers

The bright colored passion flower enhances beauty and health in a lot of ways for containing a rare chemical protein named ‘lycopene’. Recovery from sunburn, tanning and scaring is accelerated due to the presence of protein lycopene. Therefore, in sunscreen lotions and creams, passion flower extracts are an important component. You can also create passion flower juice and apply it on your skin to reduce sun-induced scars and spots.

Passion flower oil also contains vitamin C, calcium and fatty acids which help to repair dry and cracked skin. These elements are also important anti-aging component.


Hibiscus is well-known ayurvedic component in India used for as an important medical herb.

Hibiscus is rich in mucilage polysaccharides and this helps greatly in hair and scalp conditioning. Hibiscus extracts are not directly used but the chemicals are segregated from it through distillation and other laboratory procedures. The moisturizing property of Hibiscus is beneficial for dry and damaged hair as well, which is a beauty hack every woman should know.

You can use hibiscus extracts with your oil or conditioner to preserve your natural hair color.


Sunflower oils are popular for both hair and skin because of having high amount of linoleic acid and its derivatives. The antioxidant properties of sunflower help prevention of acne and rejuvenate damaged skin.

The Sunflower plant is an important element for face-wash as it moisturizes hydrates and cleanses the skin. For pimple and other dark spots, sunflower enriched products deliver great results.

“One of the best advantages of growing Sunflowers in your garden is the little care and effort they require” says Liam Doyle, a professional gardener from London – “ Sunflowers need enough sunlight (5-8 hours a day) and plenty of water. Keeping their soil moist at all times encourages deep rooting. No need for heavy fertilizers, just dilute some in the water and your plant will be happy”

Wild Geraniums

Wild geranium is a beautiful flower with a diverse color palette. Other than the color palette, the herbal and medical benefits are versatile as well. It possess astringent and toning properties and reduces wrinkling and inflammation.

Not only the flower itself but also the roots, stems and leaves of wild germanium possess astringent properties that encourage new cell growth.

The flower works as a natural anti-bacterial agent to prevent skin infections and diseases.


Calendula is essential to gain healthy skin. This is more popular in the Southwestern Asia. It has various health benefits as well which directly impacts in making your skin look young and healthy. It has anti-viral and anti-genotoxic properties to keep the liver and gallbladder healthy.

All these flowers work as a skin nourishing and soothing agent as well due to the high vitamin content present. Don’t think of flowers as mere décor pieces anymore. They are an essential beauty component to your everyday life!


“Lavender is often used in spa treatments for aroma therapy for it calming and relaxing effects on the skin.

Lavender is a great antiseptic and  has anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender is known for reviving and renewing skin cells, – reducing scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. The petals are good for lightening the skin too.” says Marla.

And some of the other

Growing plants yourself

Although way more difficult and effort consuming, flowers can definitely be grown at the comfort of your home.  so if you want to use your own flowers from the garden or growing your own, using a hydroponics system will surely ease the process.

Growing flowers and plants hydroponically has a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for avid growers. With no soil, there will be no soil-carried pests, no plant stress from dry soil, no draining issues and no instances of pollution due to fertilizers running off into the groundwater. However, hydroponics do not mean that you can’t grow your gorgeous flowers in a garden basket. In addition, hydroponically grown specimens tend to grow 30 to 50 percent faster than traditionally cultivated plants, and the flowers and fruits are more abundant. It’s also a great way to cut down on water consumption and decrease the use of pesticides, making hydroponics an excellent method for eco-friendly homeowners.

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