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How to decorate and keep your kitchen spotless

How to decorate and keep your kitchen spotless

A lot of people find cooking and preparing different dishes a leisure activity. It relaxes them and makes them satisfied even more when the food ends up tasting amazing. Spending a lot of time in your kitchen preparing food can be sometimes messy. Because of that, the kitchen is a space in your household that tends to get dirty very quickly. Therefore, you need to keep it nice and clean. And since it is a place where you spend a lot of time, you should also decorate it so it feels welcoming and warm. Here are some tips on how to decorate and keep your kitchen spotless:

Carefully pick worktops and cabinets

This advice goes both ways. It involves both – the decoration aspect and tidiness. By choosing the overall look of your kitchen you’re covering the decoration aspect. Further, you pick the colour and the shape of your worktops and cabinets. You can choose warm-toned colours or colder ones depending on your taste but the point is that you can do whatever you want.

When thinking about cleaning, keep in mind to choose materials from which stains and dirt are easy to clean. You want to be efficient in your kitchen, so not spending too much time cleaning it benefits you. Also, choose smooth worktops that will prevent any cooking residue.  Smoother worktops are also harder to damage with knives or hot dishes.

Bin positioning

This is an important step you need to consider and do as best as possible and here is why. It is recommended to keep your bin as closer to your sink as you can. This way you reduce opportunities for spillage and staining of your kitchen floors. 

One other thing that you get from this is that the less mess you make, the less are the chances that you’ll have pest issues. To ensure that your kitchen is safe in that regard, you can always turn to pest control specialists. Believe it or not, good bin position could help you prevent issues such as this one.


Appliances are one of the most important elements of ones’ kitchen. Not only do they serve the purpose of cooking but they can also look nice in your kitchen. If your style is minimalistic, choose what you consider to be the most important appliances for you. Place them strategically around your kitchen. 

When it comes to the cooking aspect, you need appliances that are not time-consuming when it comes to cleaning. You can achieve this by purchasing the ones that have automatic cleaning programs. This way you’re opting for high-tech and time-saving appliances.


Having shelves in your kitchen can be a double-edged sword. They give a luxurious and chic feel to your kitchen and simply elevate that space. You can place wine glasses there and some ornaments for that glamorous vibe. 

However, open shelving is tricky when it comes to maintenance. There will be a lot of moving parts and pieces that you’ll have to move every time you clean. So this would be a time-consuming idea if realized. Carefully consider what you want to do with your kitchen.


It does sound a bit weird and maybe as something out of ordinary but you should keep an open mind. If you’re someone who loves open spaces and a lot of light, this is a great idea. With nearby windows and a skylight, you will have a lot of sunlight in your kitchen and it will give it that outdoor feel.  Not only that but they are easy to incorporate and are a staple of modern design as well.

On top of that, natural light in your kitchen means that you can spot dirt and stains with ease. It’s also beneficial for kitchens that have a bad ventilation system. You won’t need to worry about your extractor fan when you have a skylight to open. Not to mention that they create a pest-free kitchen since small bugs avoid light at all costs.


Preparing at least three meals a day can mean having a very dirty kitchen. The last thing that you want to think about after finishing your meal is that you have to clean it now. Cleaning a kitchen can be pretty annoying and time-consuming. Having a kitchen that suits you, your time, and your needs might make this much more bearable and even enjoyable.