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7 Tips to Plan a Birthday Party On A Budget

7 Tips to Plan a Birthday Party On A Budget

As a parent, all of us want to ensure that our kids have the most amazing time on their birthdays. That is why we are reluctant to cut corners even when the budget is tight fearing that saving the extra bucks can result in disappointment and we won’t get to see their smiling faces.

The other parents may be renting out expensive gymnasiums, restaurants or gaming centres for the kids. This may make you feel guilty and you may think that you should do the same to make your little ones happy.

But that is not necessary. You do not have to shell out the extra bucks for throwing an awesome party for your kids. All you need are some meticulous planning and some creativity and ta da! You get what you have been dreaming of.

So here are some inspirations about how to keep the cost down.

  • Try to Find out What Your Kid Needs – Try to find out what you kid wants the most in their party and plan the party around it. Once you know the desire of your child you will be able to collect information regarding the decorations, inspirations, food and games.
  • Plan Ahead – You should plan your kid’s birthday party as much in advance as possible. You should refrain from overspending on party requirements like tableware, piñata’s and balloons. When you are scrambling for party essentials and party games at the last moment, it is a general tendency to spend more. That is why give yourself time to go shopping around as much as possible so that you can get the best deals with discounts and coupon codes.
  • Go for a Budget-friendly Location – If your house is not that good for the party then you can also use many places like churches and parks that will permit you to rent for a nominal fee. They may ask for a security deposit that you are likely to get back if you clean up.
  • Go for Digital Invites – It is true that mailing out paper invites can make the invitee feel nice. But in today’s digital world you can also send out electronic invites for your kid’s party.
  • Choose a Time that is Budget-friendly – Parties in the morning or in the afternoon ensures that you do not require to serve a meal. This can save you a good amount of extra bucks. If you are hosting the party at a location that costs you something, at times, the prices may vary on different parts of the day. So you may go for a time that suits your budget.
  • Reuse the Décor and Look for Them in Your House –If you have been purchasing decors that are not specific to any theme then it is best to reuse them for parties in the future. Instead of going for banners that are theme specific, you should go for those banners with complimentary colours. To be theme specific, you can pick a couple of items like plates and napkins and for the rest use merchandise that you can use time and again.
  • Go for Purposeful Parting Gifts – It is a tradition to offer parting gifts but see to it that they do not get very costly. So try to incorporate a parting gift that is purposeful. For example, you can devise a drawing book or a personalised water bottle that you can create for giving away as your gifts. These are gifts that they are bound to love and these will not be too heavy for your pocket, too.

The above are some of the tricks of planning a rocking birthday bash for your kid without making a dent a in your pocket. These are suggested by creative event agencies who are well-experienced in this domain and have created a name for themselves for throwing outstanding parties at affordable rates.

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