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Money Issues Could Be The Main Source Of Your Stress: How To Cope

Money Issues Could Be The Main Source Of Your Stress: How To Cope

Life has a funny way of throwing so much bad luck at you that sometimes you can become incredibly overwhelmed and feel like you are not coping. A final demand falls through the door on the same day your washing machine decides to pack in, or your car breaks down whilst it’s raining, and you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it to be fixed. Everyone has been there at some point in their lives, and even though the saying goes “money can’t buy you happiness”, it certainly makes life a little easier. When you’re in the red, it can seem like everything is tainted with a grey, dull brush, and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of your financial tunnel. Here are a few things you can do to help you cope with financial worries, and not be bogged down by it all.

Stick To A Budget

The first thing will quite possibly be the hardest thing – you have to budget your outgoings, debts and all. This means facing and coming to terms with just how much you owe, and how much money you have left to live life with every month. This can be a rude awakening, but it is important not to panic. It is helpful at this point to look into debt consolidation, which will help to put all your owings into one lump sum each month, making repayments a lot easier to handle – Get More Info here. Try to arrange your outgoings with your payday, so you don’t even see the money that is leaving you each month. You’ll be left with money that is entirely yours, which can be a great feeling, rather than constantly being confronted with the thought “this money isn’t mine.” Part of this money, of course, will need to go towards savings, food, and petrol, however after that you have the freedom to spend it how you see fit. This will mean you don’t have that worry at the end of the month that you won’t have enough for your outgoings, as everything will have already been paid.

Think Positive

It is important to look towards the future with a positive mindset. Rather than thinking “I’ll be paying this loan off for so long,” think about how much you will have paid off by a certain date – and work towards the day you are completely debt free. Though it may be frustrating to see so much money go out of your bank account each month, it’s important to remember that every month is a step closer to becoming debt free – which will be worth it in the end. The quicker you are debt free, the quicker your monthly income effectively goes up, and you can invest more into doing things you love, putting money towards your savings, and just generally enjoying life more.

Stay Active

A really good way to combat stress and low days is exercise. It gets the endorphins running through your blood, and helps to significantly improve your mood. Just by going for a quick jog in the fresh air you will be improving your overall fitness, be able to sleep better at night, up your vitamin D and serotonin levels, and feel a lot more confident and capable within yourself. You’ll wish you’d started sooner.

If you are really struggling with stress, it may help to talk to someone about your money troubles – even if it just to get what’s bothering you off of your chest. You will feel lighter, and not so alone and consumed by your worries. You can talk to a professional, or you may feel comfortable just discussing it over coffee with a close friend or family member. Following these simple tips and talking to someone will help you to feel a lot less stressed about your situation and have you looking toward a much brighter future, free from debt.  

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