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The Pros and Cons of Living In a Big City

The Pros and Cons of Living In a Big City

There comes a time in many people’s lives when moving to the city is as attractive as landing a high salary in a prestiged company. Who can blame them? High-rise buildings, monumental parks, a great shopping experience and people from diverse cultural backgrounds can all seem very appealing when deciding on where to go next.

While getting lost in waves of individuals navigating crowded streets might seem like your idea of a perfect dream, it is wise to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages city life can offer.


Multiple career opportunities

Alicia Keys sang about being able to make it anywhere if she could make it in New York. This tends to be the case with big cities: opportunities are everywhere. From interesting start-ups to established big corporations, your career choices will almost be infinite in highly populated cities. This is why it would be wise to have your CV reviewed by a professional, so that you can approach these companies with your best resume. The Resume Centre might be able to help you with this.

Meeting really interesting people

It is guaranteed you will meet a more varied group of people in the city you are about to venture into than in the town you originally hail from. Cultural diversity leads to a more interesting crowd and as a result, your new destination might be where you finally find your sweetheart. You might meet them in bars and museums, of course, but recent research states that up to 27% of young adults use online dating today and this trend is on the up. How about visiting matching websites and starting making new friends in your city-to-be?


Crowded public transport

Nothing will hit you harder upon arrival than the masses of people that navigate a city’s public transport system daily. That’s why having a pair of solid walking shoes on concrete can be a great idea in a big city. Sometimes it is hard to believe there can be that many people living in one place alone. Unless you decide to walk or cycle to work, distances permitting, you won’t be able to avoid a crowded transport system, but you will be able to grab one of these and make your commute more pleasant. Do. It. Now!

Dodgy taxi rides

You will read about it all over the subway and on buses and free newspaper fronts, but unless you decide to become a taxi driver yourself, there will be little you will be able to do to avoid reckless taxi rides and sleazy cab drivers. Sure, some companies are more reputable than others and you should certainly do your research before hopping on a taxi, but remember you can always contact an Uber accident lawyer if you are injured aboard an Uber. Few know of their existence but their contact is one you should store in your mobile phone in case of an accident.

By now, you are probably itching to start your new life in the big city and you are almost ready. Here’s a list of the coolest cities, by Forbes. We thought we would help you make up your mind if this hasn’t been made up yet.

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