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Using Your Travels To Inspire Your Home Decor

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Using Your Travels To Inspire Your Home Decor

Finding the right theme for your home can be difficult. There’s a lot of great ideas out there to help you incorporate some style and color into your home, but it’s also nice to add a personal touch too. Using the places you’ve visited as inspiration, there are some lovely ideas out there to incorporate your travels into your home and help you revisit those happy memories of your trips.

Use maps in your decor

Maps are a wonderful way to celebrate the places you’ve been and to inspire your next destinations. Rather than opting for bright, garish prints of a map of the world, you could try thinking outside the box and use some creative ideas to create a beautiful map print for your home. Using typography, photos or experimenting with lines and different colors can create some unique and stylish maps that will look great displayed around your home. Choose a single place or multiple destinations and create your own unique reminder of your travels.

Use exotic decor to inspire you

If there are places you’ve loved exploring or those you’d like to explore more of – why not use their unique styles of design in your decor?  Think of colors used and the different design elements that are unique to different countries. Scandinavian styles, for example, are great for creating cozy interiors using cool and neutral shades, while Japanese styles call for minimalism and openness. There are some great ideas to be found by looking at real estate in other countries as well as places like Pinterest and Instagram. Who knows – you may even start looking at duplex for rent listings and plan a move abroad for a while. Think of colors and patterns that make you think fondly of the places you’ve been and include them, in your home decor.

Upscale some vintage trunks

a trinket

Vintage travel trunks are popular home accessories and feature in many style and interior magazines. They can be used as storage or a great way to cover up a carpet stain or a mark on the floor! Make them more creative by adding your own travel tickets and luggage labels and any souvenirs or photographs that bring you memories of your trips. Vintage trucks are affordable to buy in many stores that sell home items, or you can pick them up easily from flea markets or eBay if you’re looking for something a bit more authentic.

Get creative with photographs

photos on the table

Travel and vacations can create some amazing memories of times shared with friends and family. The days of enjoying flipping through photo albums with your loved ones seem long gone, but you can still find ways to incorporate your travel photography into your home.

Whether you want to have fun with your vacation photos or create some nice homeware pieces like canvas prints or cushions from the prints you’ve taken of landscapes or tourist spots, there are some great ways you can transform your images into something for your home.

If you have some empty walls in your home then curating a selection of your favorite vacation photos is a wonderful way to use the space while sharing so much more than plain prints or canvases. Mismatched photo frames are a popular home trend at the moment and can be made to fit even the most uneven or smallest spaces in your home.

Messages in a bottle

As a lovely visual memento of your travels, why not create some beautiful ‘message in a bottle’ displays which capture some of your memories from your various travels. You could pick favorite spots such as your honeymoon destination, your first family holiday or the first time you set foot in a certain part of the world. Print a photograph or find a postcard which holds a special memory of a place you’ve been and write a note on the back to detail where it was and why it was special to you. This type of home accessory is simple and affordable to make and can suit all sorts of interior styles if you alter the color schemes.

Add some warmth with souvenirs

Souvenirs are fun to collect during your travels, and net time you visit somewhere, you should try to keep an eye out for special items that you can bring into your home. Many home styles, particularly modern homes, can lack warmth or personality and add some vacation souvenirs is a great way to remedy that. Whether you choose to decorate your refrigerator with different magnets or add gorgeous pottery and crafts to your coffee table, the items you choose to use will make your house feel homelier and help you enjoy memories of where you’ve been. It’s easy to follow trends and styles inspired by others, but adding your own unique touch will be much more special and make your home unique to you.

Further inspiration for incorporating your travels into your decor

You’d be surprised at the creative ideas you can use to bring travel into your home, satisfying those feelings of wanderlust as you look forward to your next adventure. Keep memory boxes of things you’ve collected over the years, and when the inspiration hits or you’re planning your next home improvement project, you’ll already have a selection of items to put to good use in your home. Try reading some travel magazines or leaving guidebooks on your coffee table to generate some ideas and inspire you to plan some more travels in the future.

Travel is a wonderful thing, and as you get older, it can be difficult to remember all of the amazing things you’ve experienced either by yourself or with others. Having constant reminders around your home will make it warmer on more personal and will be a great pick me up when you’re feeling down or need a pick me up. Enjoy gathering wonderful memories of your adventures and using them around your home to give it a unique twist. You can find some great inspiration for colors and images here to give you some further ideas on bringing travel and adventure into your home.


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