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Amazing Real Estate Across the US

Amazing Real Estate Across the US

Homes in the US are known for their open plan bright designs, enough to make anyone jealous. From the mansions of LA where the rich and famous roam, to the incredible quirky designs deep in the Canadian provinces, there’s something in the US for everyone. This post is going to showcase some of the most breathtaking designs we could find.

Canada- Hobbit House

So, as the name suggests, this is literally a hobbit themed house, from the inside out it looks like one of the houses from the Shire.The resemblance is uncanny, it is surrounded by acres of gorgeous scenery, and is even available on Airbnb! The interior design is as quirky as the exterior, featuring mainly wood, or wood like colors. It’s simple, yet capturing. There’s also a few other hobbit themed houses throughout Canada, if living somewhere as quirky as this has taken your fancy, companies such as can help you in the process. I think we can all agree this is one of the most unique ideas ever!

New Orleans

This lovely bit of real estate is based on a bustling street in New Orleans. From the outside, it looks modern and clean. With the windows on all sides of the building meaning the inside is bright and airy. These are apartments, each open planned and modern inside. This design is the same that most apartments or houses follow in New Orleans. It is a sort of statement to the state. If this cool design has taken your fancy, you can have a look at more New Orleans real estate on sites such as

Hollywood LA

hollywood villa

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When we think of Hollywood, we instantly think of superstars, supercars, and massive mansions. This is one we thought was the best, but if you want to check out some other Hollywood real estate, check out sites such as this one The real estate in the area is that diverse there’s something for anyone… with a lot of money. One of the coolest designs we found was this open planned beauty. Admittedly, it does come with a hefty price tag, but with 8 bedrooms, a modern trendy kitchen, a waterfront location, and a stunning view of the sunset. It’s worth it. At the moment the villa is only available to rent. But it would make a lovely luxurious getaway with family or friends.

These three locations have shown us truly how diverse real estate market can be in the US. Which is no wonder why so many people choose to relocate a year from all over the world. Granted, real estate in the US is a lot more expensive than other countries, but you do get a lot more for your money. A big 4 bedroom villa in the US can be purchased for around $250,000 compared to the UK where you can purchase a smaller 4 bedroom most cramped house for around £300,000.

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