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Unconventional Halloween Costume Ideas

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Unconventional Halloween Costume Ideas

Not everyone can pull off a killer Halloween costume, but those who can stay remembered for years and a day.

Let’s be honest – when you are a mum or aren’t one but always have too many things on your plate to juggle, one of the last things on your mind are Halloween costumes. Or, even when you do have them on your radar, you somehow know that you’ll go for something familiar, expected and, well, plain boring… are we right or are we right? Ha, we get it. There were days when we felt the same and just couldn’t be bothered with the banality of choosing a Halloween costume. But then a sudden mental breakthrough happened; we realized we mustn’t let life get reduced to the expected, the boring, the hard, the mundane. So, one of the ways we’ve injected thrill into our everyday was through the (next) choice of our Halloween costumes! Once we’ve started choosing unconventional and exciting over the conventional and expected, everything changed! Remember, a single (different) act today may potentially change your whole life, even if that act meant choosing a quirky Halloween costume to parade in.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite unusual Halloween costumes you yourself would maybe want to consider:


There’s something about these new Disney spinoffs we all adore, even though we’re (officially) too old to watch them. For some reason, it doesn’t feel at all odd to turn yourself into a Rapunzel for the night and show everyone what your hair’s made of! Go with an exaggerated thick braid, a charming outfit (be free to copy Rapunzel’s fashion choices) and voila! Guys will find you sexy, kids will think you’re the coolest mum ever and you’ll personally feel amazing – it’s a win-win.

If, however, Tangled isn’t your favorite animated cartoon, go with any other character you love. Bell’s been hyping these days, hasn’t she?


Superwoman costume mom and kids

Not that you are not a superwoman already and that you need a costume to prove it, but it would be nice to add a pop of (costume) color to your already glowing awesomeness. The way we see it – a Superwoman costume is a fantastic twist on the legendary, heroic and muscular Superman – only with a sexy vibe on top. Similar to all other women-heroes costumes, this one will not only ooze confidence but will leave everyone breathless.

Joan of Arc

Channel your inner warrior with this costume and set an example of strength and courage to your kids. Plus, let them learn a little something about history through play. To channel a sexy Joan, just add some red lipstick to the mix, and you are good to go.

Kim Kardashian


Wait, what? Yes, you’ve read it right. Be Kim K for this Halloween and let everyone talk about it.

You’ll agree that there probably has never been a family so controversial that you could pick out any family member and treat it as both a role model and a mockery symbol. Depending on your preferences, you can either mock the image of Kim by intentionally exaggerating her hourglass figure, extreme hair and her famous contour OR (we’d always go with this one) copy her maxi latex drama and silver butt-long hair from the other day in NYC. Say what you want, but the woman looked absolutely stunning (everyone’s still talking about it), so why wouldn’t you choose any of the fabulous latex dresses that flatter your body, copy her silver hair and makeup and show up to wow?

Kylie Jenner

Yet another one of the Kardashian sisters ideal for mockery or worship, little Kylie may be the perfect Halloween costume for your 2017 spectacle. To nail the whole costume, just wear an extremely tight bodycon, green hair up to there (you know where), overdraw your lips and go “Like, omg that’s dope”. Costume – done!

Inner goddess

head dress lady

Yet another day of being a total goddess although this time around dressing like one, too. Channel your inner (Greek) goddess by combining a white, draped maxi dress, gold waistbands and gold jewelry. Hit Google up and find added inspiration for this costume. We think it’s fresh, feminine and fabulous!

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