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How to Decorate Your House like an Airbnb Superhost

How to Decorate Your House like an Airbnb Superhost

Short-term rental options have become quite popular over the last few years, with homeowners and guests, both. Since it ensures an authentic and unique experience to visitors, while it brings more profit to the owners, it is no wonder that vacation rental market grows daily. Whether you have a spare room, spare floor or owning additional property, you can easily turn your possessions into a valuable source of income. As with any business, renting out the place demands some investments, but these are minor comparing to pay off. However, one must know how to start, how to adapt the place before welcoming the first guests, as well as how to act like a good host.

Pinpoint the ideal guests

Determine the profile of guests you would like to welcome and focus investments accordingly. There are thousands of people searching for apartments daily, varying from business travelers, families to backpackers. Figure out which are the ones whose needs you will easily meet. If you’ve started to rent the place already, try to determine certain trends and type of visitors attracted to your property. Once you start to recognize the dominant guest profile, it will be much easier to invest in items that will be of great use. For example, toys for families with kids or workspace for business travelers.

Make the space functional

Do your best to create a functional home, especially with small space. Visitors expect much more than a hotel room, so make sure to establish different areas that are visually and functionally separated.  Go after the small but comfortable and easy to move furniture that will allow such layout. To separate areas physically, include some standing shelves or screens. Some visually appealing curtains can be a clever choice for small apartments. Also, placing a big mirror is quite effective because it makes the place more spacious.

Show some character

Unlike the generic hotel rooms, these type of rentals is supposed to have a unique essence, with the touch of personal flavor. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and to add your sense of style, but beware of overdoing it. Do not place family photos or personal items around the apartment because your guests may feel uncomfortable around it. Look for local art items and place tasty photos that will tell the story of the place, without being too intimate. Include flowers since it is a great addition to any room.

Keep it clean

One thing that you should look up to hotels is hygiene standards. Your rental needs to be clean and to give out the freshness. Make sure place is uncluttered and bright since the excessive details can be a huge turn off for visitors.  A team of professionals that deals with fast junk removal advise taking care of recycling material when decluttering and disposing of trash or hiring a company that will do that for you. Provide all the necessities, like soaps or towels,  but store them out of sight, in cabinets and drawers. Go a step further and ensure that your place smells beautiful by placing potpourri or air freshener.

Choose right colors

People are visual creatures and deeply influenced by colors. Keep that in mind when choosing the right colors for the interior. Bright and bold colors will lift up the mood and create warm and welcoming atmosphere. Many hosts opt for neutral colors since that kind of décor seems to appeal to the greatest number of people. However, a playful splash of bright color on a single wall can only improve overall impression as long as it is well balanced with the furniture and decorations.

Take care of the lighting

Aside from colors, one thing that can set the atmosphere is the home lighting. Make sure that your place is bright by picking the right curtains, or place mirrors on the walls to increase the amount of natural light. Go for energy efficient light fixtures that will provide soft and warm light during the evening hours or place interesting lamps around the apartment.

Be a great host

Working with people brings delightful moments, as well as terrible ones. Although this is purely business, your guests will appreciate the warm welcome and friendly chat. Let them know about the area, provide them with all sorts of information, whether brochures, transportation or local restaurants. Stock the place with snacks and drinks to create a home-like feeling or invite them for a drink. Be friendly but not pushy because some of the travelers just want to be left alone. Know the difference and be attentive to their needs.


Although it is better than a 9-5 job, renting short-term is far from easy money. Considering all the market research, investment, and management, short-term renting can be quite demanding. However, once you get the grip of it, it becomes rewarding in many ways.

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