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Fix Up Your Home

Fix Up Your Home

Life seems to just be flying by at the moment. There’s so many things to do, especially if you have children, that our homes become a little neglected. But that’s completely normal. There’s just that many jobs that we have to do, whether it be in the home, at work, social life etc. that they can just run away from us. But with the colder months looming, it’s time to start making your home your number one priority. There may even be things that need fixing that you don’t even realise. Take a look at these tips, and see if we inspire you to fix a few things up.

A fresh coat of paint gives a house a new lease of life. If you’re reading this and are thinking, “I’ve been meaning to do that for ages”, then just do it. Painting is really not that cheap if you do it yourself, and it can be really therapeutic. It’s definitely the easiest job to do out of things that may need fixing up. The change it gives on the house is immense. Those finger marked, shoe flicked, bag hit walls will go from grubby to glamourous. Grab yourself a sander, a paintbrush and some paint, put some scruffy clothes on, and you’re good to go. Cover the floor with protective material, and line the skirting boards to keep it neat. Sand down, paint a few layers, use a gloss finish, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

If you’ve got a frugal side to you, you’ll always be looking to save money. Everyone knows that one of the hardest part of managing a home is trying to keep the energy bills down. All of you who have children will know just how hard this is. This method might put you out of pocket a little to begin with, but in the long run it’ll save you so much on energy bills. Solar powered energy is so much better for the environment, and your home. Especially if you live in a particularly warm area. For the initial installation, you will need help from an electrician. After that, there should be little to no maintenance, they’re just an all round great addition to your home.

Back to the inside. One other room that always seems to be a bit neglected is your own room. You’re so focused on keeping what people are going to see updated, i.e. the living room and kitchen, that your own room can take a back seat. With the colder months nearly here, you need to go for the comfy look. Even simple additions like candles can bring such a homely warming touch to a room. But if you want to think a little bigger, a nice fluffy rug and matching throw for you bed will look gorgeous. Switch from your summer duvet and sheets, and go for something more luxurious for the winter. Keep it thick and cosy, try and avoid satin materials as they can be super cold to jump into. Anything like thick cotton will do.

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