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Staying Happy and Healthy in Old Age

Staying Happy and Healthy in Old Age

Do you know anyone who isn’t at least a bit scared of getting old? People don’t like to face the fact that we’re getting older by the day because they associate old age with a slew of medical conditions, memory loss, and loneliness. On the other hand, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of your life is going to decline rapidly. There are many ways to keep both your happiness and your health in old age if only you manage to change your lifestyle and habits a bit.


Let’s face it – you’re a bit more ‘fragile’ at 70 than you were at 17, but it doesn’t mean that you should spend all your time in bed and an armchair. Exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but you should know just how much you should exercise so you don’t end up getting hurt. When you’re active, it lifts your spirit and improves your mood because your body releases endorphin, also known as the ‘happiness hormone’. Go for a stroll every morning or take your pet for a walk, go swimming, or spend time in your garden taking care of plants.


People lose touch with each other over time, and when you get older and you realize that your children and grandchildren have moved away, you’ll probably feel lonely. Getting a pet is a great way to lift your spirits and get a sense of purpose, but you could also consider moving into an aged care facility because it’s a great way to socialize with other people. These facilities provide their residents with good health care, regular and nutritious meals, and a chance to pursue different hobbies. Living in a senior home will enable you to spend more time with other people just by leaving your room and going out into the garden.

Mind your diet

A nutritious diet is as important for your health as physical activity, but it can be hard to come up with a suitable meal plan if you don’t take into account the changes your body is going through in old age. If preparing your meals and going grocery shopping is difficult for you, you can always have groceries delivered and ask for help with meal preparations. You should also make sure you’re eating enough fibre and lean proteins, as well as drinking enough water every day. What is more, sharing a meal with a friend or a family member can help you feel less lonely and give you a chance to catch up.

Take care of your appearance

Just because you’re getting older, it doesn’t mean that you should forget all about trends and ‘go out of style’. Being older and still being stylish is possible, and what is more, when you know you look good, you’ll feel better and more confident. A bit of makeup can do wonders for your skin; retinoid creams are great for your face, and sunscreen will keep your skin healthy so make sure you wear some when leaving home. Changing your hair colour will make you look younger, but if you feel like it’s too much trouble, you can always choose to go natural and just get a great haircut. Teeth whitening procedures are also available and you can have any coffee and/or cigarette stains removed.

Old age is something we are going to face at some point if we’re blessed with long life, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have health problems. This is the time to sit back and relax, enjoy the fruits of your labour, and have some fun. Remember that you’ve worked hard all your life and you deserve to have fun and be happy.

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