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Are you struggling to make money online as a newbie online marketer? You have tried and still trying different ways to have a proper cash flow. Google trends might be the solution to what you need to break even on the internet. This essential tool from Google can be used to make money from event-based blogs, the creation of product reviews, YouTube and driving traffic to a news website. I know the question running through your mind right now is how possible is this? Follow me as I show you how you can leverage the use of Google trends to start making money online in 2019.

A dive into what Google Trends is all about

Firstly, Google Trends is a tool from Google that is developed to find and compare how popular a search term or trends is. It works by merely entering our search term in the Google Trend link, and the result will be displayed for us to peruse.

Do you want to know how widespread that favorite movie or music or yours is? Or perhaps you want to compare two brands to understand the bigger of the two. Google Trends performs this function for you seamlessly by displaying the result in graphs and other information such as time period, categories, countries and so on.

Ways of making money with Google Trends

One of the key ways to make money online is to drive traffic to your website. How would you achieve this if you don’t know trending keywords or topics that you have to build your website content around? Here, I will share some benefits of why you should start using Google trends and how to use it to make money online in 2019.

Making money from event-based blogs

Event blogging means creating content for a particular event that is around the corner. Most seasoned bloggers and affiliate marketers take advantage of these events and build content around these niches. They generate revenue to clicks from people or promotion of affiliate offers on their website.

For example, Christmas is around the corner, and you go to Google trends to search or get the ideas of most popular searches around that time: such as Christmas tree, Christmas light, Christmas cap, Christmas sweater, suitable foods for Christmas, suitable cakes for Christmas and so on.

You can create content around this topic, generate organic searches when your website is well ranked and make money from Google AdSense, info links, affiliate offers and so on.

Making money through product review creation

By creating a product review website, you can make money by merely promoting products from this niche. But how would you know the products to promote? This is where Google Trends comes in.

From Google Trend search results, you can identify the most popular product or brands if you are comparing brands, as well as the location of people that are interested in these products. From there, you can start creating product reviews targeting this market and promote your affiliate offers on your website.

Some of the most popular affiliate offers and products can be found on Amazon, Clickbank, jvzoo, and warriorplus.

Making money through YouTube

If you still don’t take YouTube seriously, you need to have a rethink now. As the second most used search engine in the world and the third most visited website after Google and Facebook, the medium is hard to ignore and something every online marketer must take advantage of.

A way to make money from YouTube through Google Trend is to create videos around trending topics and keywords. And where best can you find these trending topics if not from Google Trend. Use catchy title, description, and thumbnails for your video to rank and go viral. From there, you can start making money from it.

Making money by increasing traffic to news website

As a blogger, if you have a news website, you can publish any contents or topic as you wish. Subjects from cars to the latest technology, as well as jump on any trending news and create content around it. Heck, you don’t have to be an expert before creating a news website. By creating news content from any viral news, you have a chance to get traffic from anywhere.

More traffic to your site means more revenue through AdSense as well as promoting others products, advertisement, info links and so on.

So that’s it! Which of the ways of making money online is the easiest and why? As a seasoned online marketer which one would you advise for the newbies? Share your opinion in the comment section.