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Saving Money Is Easier Than Making Money

Saving Money Is Easier Than Making Money

We overheard a conversation on the bus yesterday. It was about new year’s resolutions, and one chap said that his was to make money, which we thought was a bit vague, quite challenging and, dare we say, the wrong way to look at things. It would be much more beneficial if he had said he wanted to save more. After all, it isn’t an income that makes someone rich, it is how they spend their money.

Using this shower-thought as inspiration, we have come up with the easiest ways you can save money in daily life which, no matter how you look at it, is the easiest way to have more cash in your pocket.

  1. Meet With Your Money…

Once a week, every week. Yup. Have a scheduled day and time where you sit down and go through your bank accounts, looking at what went out, what came in and what you can do to improve the end result. Update your budget, address your financial goals, look at things from a new angle and keep things fresh. Just like any solid relationship, spending some time with your money is crucial.

  1. Why Are You Buying Anything….

Okay, that is a bit of an overarching statement because there are certain things that can’t be avoided. But there are certain things that absolutely should. Just think about it. What is the point in having two cars when one of you works from home; you could just hire the second as and when you need and for a lot less. Are you really going to use that hedge trimmer as much as you keep saying you will, or would it be cheaper to just hire one from Brookings Rent-All? Do you need a printer, or can you get away with printing your stuff at the post office? Using the renting-slash-sharing economy is a great way to save money.

  1. Adopt The 48 Hour Rule….

We used to reserve this rule for reactions. We would wait at least 48-hours before answering a snappy email or responding to a snide comment, knowing that it is not worth making a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. But the same rule translates to shopping. The ‘buy it now’ means we can have anything in an instant. So, to counter the urge, start waiting 48 hours to nullify that consumerist desire and use that time to see if you really want or need it.

  1. Become A DIY Superhero…

For all the ills of the Internet, there is one shining light that can never be dampened; it offers everyone a free education on almost anything. So, instead of paying someone else for a service, why not take the time to learn how to do it yourself. It could be putting up furniture, painting your kitchen chairs, remodelling your bathroom, getting a manicure, doing your makeup properly. All of these things add up in the real-world, so it could be time to use the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and learn yourself. You’ll be proud of yourself too.

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