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4 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Utility Bills

4 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Utility Bills

Nobody likes getting their bills at the end of the month, but there are a few that householders often dread, and those are the utility bills. Gas, power, and water can soon add up, especially in the winter when you’ve got the heating on or during a heatwave when you switch on the air con, so it’s natural to wonder whether you can get this figure down. Luckily, there are ways to cut your bills without having to make too many lifestyle changes, so here are some things you might want to try.

  1. Install a smart thermostat

If you’re someone who’s constantly turning the heat up and down to get comfortable, or who likes to come home to a warm house, then a smart thermostat lets you do these things without ending up with a big electricity bill. There are various features that smart meters have that you may find useful. For example, some will let you heat your home room by room, so there’s less wasted power, while others will allow you to control the system via an app, so even if you’re on vacation, you can control the heat.

  1. Make sure your home is properly insulated

There can be many signs your home is poorly insulated:

  • Your energy bills are climbing
  • You feel cold draughts in the winter
  • You’re suffering from damp
  • Certain rooms or floors are warmer than others
  • Walls feel cold to the touch

Luckily, insulating your home is inexpensive, when completed by a professional. Attic Projects services include attic insulation, as well as walls, wall cavities, and many other areas. Blown-in insulation is a good way to fill any gaps that may have been missed in the past, and you’ll soon notice a difference. A properly insulated house feels much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  1. Turn down your water heater

Heating water is also one of the major costs you’ll encounter as a homeowner. You need hot water to wash dishes, shower and run appliances, such as your washing machine; however, you may have the temperature set too high. Turning it down slightly is unlikely to make much difference to your lifestyle but could cut down your bills.

  1. Find out the cheapest time to use appliances

Some utility providers offer plans where electricity is cheaper at certain times of day. In general, the peak time for using your electricity is late afternoon, when people often come home from work and turn on their washer dryer or dishwasher. You can avoid these peaks by programming your appliances to start at cheaper times, for example, overnight, which can mean cheaper electric bills.

Cutting your electric bills is often a combination of common sense and making small changes to your lifestyle. Even knocking a few dollars off your bills can help you balance your budget, and you don’t have to sit in a freezing house or turn off all the lights to achieve these savings.


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