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Are You Earning Enough From Your Employer?

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Are You Earning Enough From Your Employer?

Looking after your finances very often means that you need to focus on many things at once. If you have a regular job, you would hope that your income is pretty much on a level. But of course, there are many thing that can go wrong when it comes to earning money from a big company, as many employees around the world know all too well. If you are concerned that you might not be earning the right amount from your employer, there are a number of things you can do. Take a look at the following to see what kinds of steps you might want to take in order to ensure you are truly earning as much as you should be from your employer, and that you are not being taken for a ride, either purposefully or otherwise.

Speak To Your Line Manager

The very first thing to do is to make a point of raising the issue with your line manager, or in other words the person just above you. Speaking with your boss is a way of making it known that you have a grievance, or that you are suspicious about your pay, and it is often the first official step you need to take should you want to complain later on in some manner for most companies. Your boss should hopefully listen to your complaint or query without making you feel bad about it – remember, it is your right to ask the question and to ask that the matter is looked into, so don’t allow yourself to be bullied. If you feel they have not reacted accordingly, then you can take it further still – or if you are not happy with any findings they might present.

Investigate FurtherYou might even want to take it into your own hands at this point and discern whether or not there is a problem in your company. Sometimes, the underlying issue causing a bad pay system is something very simple. You would hope that your employer makes a point of using something like ELMO ‘s cloud payroll solution, but if they are using a payroll system instead which is less trustworthy, then that might be causing some trouble somewhere down the line. Or it could be that something rather more nefarious is afoot, in which case there is the possibility that you might want to raise the issue further still, and consider taking it beyond the actual company itself.

Speak To The Union

If you are part of a union, then this is likely to be your next step, and you should make sure that you have their details on hand in case you should want to get in touch. Hopefully, they will support you and help you to get to the bottom of why you have not been paid properly. Often this is the last thing you will need to do to make sure that you end up with the right pay, so it is something you should consider if it should come to it. Hopefully, you won’t need to take it any further than this.

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