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5 Tips For a Healthy Back

5 Tips For a Healthy Back

Your back is one of those things that you take for granted- until it starts playing up. It’s only when you start developing issues that you realise just how important it is, your back is used in just about every motion your body makes. Here are five ways to keep it in the best condition possible. 

Maintain a healthy weight

One of the biggest causes of back pain, especially in younger people, is what’s called ‘mechanical back pain.’ This is a result of too much weight bearing down- since the spine is naturally ‘s’ shaped it can cause excess pressure on the curvature leading to low back pain. It can be debilitating and incredibly painful, but thankfully it’s completely reversible. Losing weight takes off this pressure and in time you’ll notice that you have no more pain

Do enough exercise

As well as losing weight, getting enough exercise will help to strengthen the muscles in the back, as well as the core which can prevent pressure on the curvature of the spine. If you’re already dealing with back pain then exercise like running or walking might not be suitable if it’s causing your pain to flare up. But there are lots of alternatives, cycling is a great one. It works the legs and builds cardiovascular fitness while burning calories. And as you’re seated, you can get fit without it putting pressure on your back. A stationary recumbent bike is a comfortable way to get fit and you’ll find these in any gym. 

Invest in a good mattress

As humans we spend a huge portion of our days lying in bed sleeping, and so a good mattress is essential. Over time they tend to dip at where our hip sits, and this can throw the spine out of alignment. It’s recommended that you buy a new mattress every seven to eight years. If you’re a heavier person, it might need to be changed before this- choosing a firmer mattress is likely to last you for longer. Always buy the best quality you can afford. 

Improve your posture

The way you sit or stand can impact your back over time. It’s especially problematic this day in age as many of us have sedentary jobs where we’re sat at a computer. Buy yourself a good computer chair and make sure you’re not slumping. Make an effort to correct your posture when you stand and walk. 

Always wear a seatbelt

Road traffic accidents are one of the biggest causes of extreme back damage. Always wear a seatbelt, if you are injured speak to a professional who can help you with navigating ICBC benefits

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