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7 Reasons Why Your Business May Be Losing Customers

7 Reasons Why Your Business May Be Losing Customers

Across the globe, businesses online and off are shutting their doors every day. Why? They are losing their valued customers. There are valid reasons for this, and your business may be guilty of mistakes that are driving your customers away. Consider the following as examples.

  1. Your marketing sucks!

Sorry to say it, but if you don’t have an effective marketing sales strategy in place, you aren’t going to reach many customers in the first place. Your marketing plan doesn’t end with the first sale either, as you need to continue your efforts to ensure your customers come back for more.

  1. Your business is outdated.

You need to cater for the modern customer. This means using the right technology to communicate with them (time to learn text speak), and appealing to the latest consumer demands, such as smart payment methods, such as Apple Pay. If your business methods are past their prime, your customers will move on, so always stay in line with modern trends to keep your business doors open.

  1. Your website is failing you.

Your business website is a great resource, but you need to make the most of it. This means upping your game with communication methods, such as implementing live chat and helpdesks. This means tracking site visitors who don’t make a purchase with Anonymous Visitor Identification. And this means ensuring your website looks and feels good, with no annoying features (hello pop-ups) that are going to drive your poor customers away.

  1. Your sales team is weak.

Your sales team needs to be on the ball, always looking for leads, and using the gift of the gab to make that sale. If they aren’t doing the job properly, you should either replace them or invest in training to help them up their game. Your rivals will beat you if you don’t, which leads us onto the next point…

  1. Your rivals are better than you.

Why are they better than you? We don’t know; it could be for any number of reasons, so you need to do your research into finding out what they are doing that you are not. Find ways to outsmart and beat them, and you are guaranteed to win back those customers who may have betrayed your business and gone over to the dark side (your rival).

  1. Your quality control is slipping.

If your product is inferior, you aren’t going to win over anybody to your business. You need to get on top of this, as not only are your sales at risk, but the reputation of your business is as well. Find out what is going wrong – you may be imposing too strict a deadline on your tired workforce for a start – and put things right to win back any customers who previously had trust in what you were selling.

  1. You have lost your passion.

Finally, this is the biggie. If you have lost your passion in what you are doing, this will reflect badly on your business. People will notice your lack of interest and your staff and customers will lose faith in you. Work out what has gone wrong, look for ways to get your mojo back, and take a break once in a while to give you a better perspective on where you and your business needs to be heading. If this is you, we hope you find the answer.


Did any of the above relate to your business? If so, it’s time to do something about it before your business is faced with closure itself. Let us know if you think we have missed anything off this list, and share your words of wisdom with us. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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