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Education vs. Experience: Which Helps You Get the Job?

Education vs. Experience: Which Helps You Get the Job?

More than one-third of the U.S. population has a college degree. 

However, a college degree doesn’t mean you’re going to get hired anywhere. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to achieve success. 

Sometimes having experience is better. People with experience can do better than people with just a college degree. But what is the better option: education vs experience? What’s going to help you get the job? 

That’s an excellent question and something to consider if trying to land your ideal job. 

Here’s a guide on the value of education and experience and why they can both help you land your dream job. 

The Value of Education

Education helps you learn a specific topic or a specific trade.

It also helps you earn something like an undergraduate degree. Earning this degree shows that you’ve committed to your studies. You’ve committed to learning about a specific topic and the history of that topic. 

There’s an of value in education because you’re also learning the basics of writing, math, and other educational subjects. You’re gaining mastery of them. 

However, a college degree doesn’t necessarily earn you a job. You still have to build up experience.  

The Value of Experience

Experience is just as important as education. You need the experience to learn something specific. 

For example, if you want to become a baker, you would need to do more than read culinary books on baking. You would need to do more than attending a trading school. 

You could skip both of those options and gain experience in a bakery. You could get hands-on experience that would teach you everything to know about starting a baking business. 

Education can’t replace this experience. 

In other instances, you might find that experience and education are tied together. Teaching a classroom is another example of something you need education for because you need to learn tactics and strategies. 

You need to learn what methods to employ in the classroom that is going to be most effective in a child’s education. But experience will teach you how to handle different situations. You’ll learn how to respond differently to students. 

As a teacher, you’ll experience will influence how you teach and how you change your teaching style. 

Experience will influence every job you have; it doesn’t matter if it’s a low or high income skill you have. Experience will influence your skill.  

Now You Know More About Education vs Experience

Education vs experience is something that you will need to know when you decide to look for a job. You need to decide if the career you want needs education. 

This guide ultimately shows you the value of education and experience and how they can work in your favor. The goal is to find out how to continue to build on both for a successful career. 

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