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The Best Budget Drones Money Can Buy 2018

The Best Budget Drones Money Can Buy 2018

Many people worry that their drones might crash when they fly it, so they find it difficult to buy one. While we are not advising you to crash your drones, we will share some cheap drones that you can procure on a budget and do what you love. Over the years, consumer drones have been classified into two broad groups, namely: the super cheap cum super flimsy drones that fly for up to five minutes on a full charge and the costly cum hardcore drones that cost from USD 1000 upwards – they come furnished with top of the line tech like HD camera, GPS, and a long-range radio controller. These days, the drone market boasts a variety of options when it comes to selection choice. Even cheaper drones that are under USD 500 now comes with cool features such as an indoor tracking, obstacle avoidance and others like a 4k camera. If you are a novice with drones, an enthusiast on a low budget or getting a drone for someone, there are tons of top-shelf models you can get for a low price. Yuneec Breeze From the Yuneec famous typhoon line, this cheaper version that costs under USD 500 is smaller, lighter and expectedly does not perform up to its bigger brethren. If you love photography or require a drone for your photography works, the Yuneec Breeze is one of the cheapest and best options out there. It comes fully equipped with a 4K camera and has other cool features like real-time live streaming with different modes. While it has a plastic feel, the Breeze is very durable and is GPS enabled. The GPS connectivity allows indoor tracking when flying the drone indoors. It has a flight time of 12 minutes with a spare battery, making it last for an extended period of 24 minutes in total. Support on both Android and iOS makes the use of the drone easy with your phone. Parrot Bebop 2 A beginner learning drone, within a minute, a novice can start flying the Parrot Bebop 2. This new model comes in full package, with its simplicity and durability you are assured of enjoyable flying experience. The deviation from the use of a traditional joystick to a more fun and approachable use of commands from your smartphone or tablets makes Bebop a beginners drone. Through the use of wireless connectivity with your phone, you get to see what the drone sees and navigate around by tilting your phone to steer the drone. It has a flight time of 22 to 25 minutes, an upgrade from the first generation and it comes with other cool features like a fish-eye lens and flash LED that increases visibility when it’s dark. All these for a budget price of USD 350.



If you are an adventurous pilot or a selfie lover, and are looking for a drone that does all, look no further than the DJI spark. This drone signifies dependability, versatility, and compactness. It comes from a line of the Phantom 4 pro, one of the best drone around and a brand known for their excellent features and quality cameras. The DJI spark offers pilots the ability to perform neat tricks with their drones.

Some of the unique features of the drones are its varieties of flight mode, an obstacle avoidance system and a 2-axis gimbal to compensate for the lack of a 4K camera. The body is super compact and super sturdy with an approximate battery life of 13 minutes. For the budget price of USD 499, you can’t get it wrong with the DJI spark.

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