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Facebook’s is developing hardware for TV – a Portal TV

Facebook’s is developing hardware for TV – a Portal TV

By the spring of 2019, Facebook plans to welcome us with another project in their line of futuristic building 8 labs. The project is a video chat device that is designed for your TV. Cheddar reported that the most extensive social network in the world is on the verge of completion of a camera-equipped device that supports video calling as well as other entertainment services.

Unlike your typical Facebook Portal video chat device, this device codenamed “Ripley” sits on top of your TV while delivering video call and other functionalities. However, both devices use the same technology.

The Ripley news comes after the launch of Portal and Portal plus earlier this month. These two video chat devices is a paradigm shift in virtual reality technology. Imagine a situation where you and your friend seems to be hanging in the same room, while in reality, you are very far from each other.

Just like Facebook Messenger and Amazons Alexa smart assistant, the two devices are powered by an artificial intelligence-equipped camera. According to Facebook, this technology enables you to move freely and naturally around, as well as be able to pan, zoom and reframe pictures while using the Portal and Portal Plus.

A further report shows that Ripley is a moonshot product and is coming out as one of the flagship long term futuristic products. The Facebook’s lab Building 8 that is in charge of all these futuristic products is located in Menlo Park, California.

One other project we should look forward to from this lab is “Sequoia.” An augmented virtual reality project that uses a projector to deliver virtual AR experience – that is under development. The project works by moving virtual objects around in a real place.

We look forward to how Sequoia intends to better our virtual reality experience.

Facebook spokeswoman, Ha Thai declined to comment on the story.