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Top 10 DIY Dollar Tree Crafts Project From YouTube

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Top 10 DIY Dollar Tree Crafts Project From YouTube

If you are free and you want to spend your leisure time by making some amazing DIY crafts then congrats, you are at the right place!

Making different cute crafts yourself at home is an amazing feeling no matter how old you are. Whether it is a class project or you want to do it as a time pass, at the end of the day, you will feel happy with what you have made. So, from several DIY Dollar Tree crafts on the YouTube, we have summed up the top ten for you in this article which you can try. Some of them will not cost you more than $15 while some of them can be made in just $3.

1. Dollar Tree DIY’s You NEED To Try! | Ms. Craft Nerd 

These DIY Crafts in this video are so affordable and the maximum you have to   pay for a project will be not more than $5. And, you will find them really cute as well.

In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to create your own vanity tray. The craft made at the end will turn out to be a beautiful piece to add to your vanity.

3. DOLLAR TREE DIY Faux Mirror | THE BEST DIY Home Decor/Wedding 2017
In this tutorial, you will learn to make a faux mirror wall decor by using Dollar Tree items. You will be able to use this DIY craft as a back drop for a wedding or as a glamorous wall decor in any event. There are infinite ideas to use this classy craft.

4. Dollar Tree DIY Lighted Chandelier
In this tutorial, you will be able to learn how you can create a beautiful lighted chandelier using mostly Dollar Tree materials that too in a very easy way.

5. DIY Dollar Tree Crystal/ Glass Chargers
Do you want a crystal or glass chargers but you find it very expensive? If yes, then this video tutorial is for you. Go, watch it and by using Dollar Tree items you will be able to create a wonderful glass charger at very low cost.

6. DIY Mirror #11 | DIY DOLLAR TREE | DIY HOME DECOR | elegant mirror tray
This tutorial will help you create your own mirror tray by using the DOLLAR TREE decorative cake tray along with some DOLLAR TREE tea light holders.

7. DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Wall Art #7
Watch this video and you can create a beautiful wall art by using beads from the DOLLAR TREE and mirror.  

8. Dollar tree DIY/ Glam mosaic mirror
In this video tutorial the DIY craft you will learn to create is a mosaic mirror. By using dollar tree items it will cost you not more than $11.

This tutorial is for those who want to create a wonderful sconce wall décor that too in affordable cost.

This video will help you in making your very own hanging shelves for not more than just $3.

There you have it Loves! Enjoy and happy DIYing!


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