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DIY – Button Photo Frame

DIY – Button Photo Frame

Decorating photo frames with homemade artwork is a wonderful way to share your captured memories.

After seeing a lot of button frames sold at Etsy ranging from $18 to $55, I then though of why won’t I share an idea on how to make a DIY frame that would might be interesting for others in an inexpensive way. Decorating photo frames are easy and is a great way to make money out of it.  Photo frames range from small to medium sizes so all of your project costs will be budget friendly.

Look for old photo frames that you already have in your house, whether it is still in the box or already used (but still in good condition).  Next, gather all of the extra buttons that you don’t use anymore.  Extra buttons usually come with garments or you can use button from clothes that you no longer wear.  Clean off the photo frame to make sure that it is dirt and dust free.  You will be painting it, so look for paint that you may already have in your house.

If you do not have any extra photo frames, you can find them at yard sales for 10 cents to 25 cents.  Or better yet, go to your local Dollar Tree (or discount store) for inexpensive photo frames.  They often have different shapes and sizes.

For ideas on how to decorate your photo frame, think of the recipient that will receive this gift.  For example, does this person have favorite colors?  From there, start arranging the selected buttons onto the frame.

You can use a hot glue gun or any glue that you like such as Elmer’s glue, E6000 etc. to apply the buttons around the frame.

You can also play around with it and be more artistic by adding embellishments like flowers, beads, pearls, ribbon etc.

If you have buttons that are partly chipped, you can also use them to another design just like below where you just have to overlap each button over another.

I also tried to mix and match it with clear pebbles to look a little shabby chic.

Always remember that adding your own unique style, patterns and colors are the best ways of customizing DIY projects.  Customers look for something fun and different that your website could offer.

Thanks for reading and have a joyful DIYing!

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