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Vanity Container Organizer – DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

Vanity Container Organizer – DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

I love a clutter-free space! Personally, my favorite space in the bedroom and bathroom are my vanity area as I’ve always wanted to have these beautiful containers right there on the countertop.

It makes me feel good to see them so neat, clean and well organized. Same thing that I want to feel when I’m tired from work and I need to clean up my face before going to bed as I want my stuff to be very handy for me.

Below are the supplies I used:

Knobs and Canisters
Candle Stick Holders and Spray Paint


The first thing I did was to drill a hole on the cover of the canister using a power drill for the knob to fit in as a holder.

Next, I carefully spray painted the knob and cover with a metallic finish in bronze color.

I tape around the base of the container jar as well as the candle stick holder base (also cover it with plastic as a protection to the paint) I spray paint it with a metallic finish to also add color. This is the same technique I used in adding color to my mason jars.

After leaving it for a couple of hours to get completely dry, I started peeling the masking tapes

I also used the E600 to glue the drawer knob to the cover for a strong grip.

Finally, I then glue on the container to the candle stick holder.

I washed them clean and add my items like some Q tips and cotton pads.

These organizers help keep your countertop organized while keeping cotton balls and swabs at your fingertips. They occupy very little space on your countertop yet stores plenty of vanity essentials.

It is also a great way to keep your mixed nuts, gummy bears, buttons or anything tiny and keeps them in a clean and clear containers. Something to make for giveaways or as a gift!

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Happy crafting!

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