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7 of the Most Popular Activities for a First Date

7 of the Most Popular Activities for a First Date

The first date is always the most awkward, and yet, it’s also the most exciting. With the excitement and awkwardness can come some nervousness. 

When it comes to first dates, you don’t want to take too much risk. It’s best to stick with the tried-and-true first date ideas that have been used throughout the decades. 

These activities keep the date from coming to a stalemate while allowing time for some deeper conversation.

Here are seven of the most popular activities for a first date. With any of these ideas, you’re sure to have a great time.

The Classic: Grab Dinner and See a Movie

This is a classic date idea because it allows for some intimate chatting but also provides some distraction. That way, you don’t feel forced to come up with topics to discuss.

This date allows you to get a feel for each other’s vibe without forcing too much conversation. It’s an easy way to spend a little time around each other in a casual setting.

Also, dinner will allow you to see their eating etiquette. Slobby? Rude? Maybe they aren’t for you. 

You can also find out if they are annoying movie talkers. For some, that’s a deal-breaker!

The Old Fashioned: Picnic in the Park

A date in the park is nice and relaxed. It’s romantic but not too formal, so you can dress comfortably and still impress with a delectable spread. Picnic food is usually easy to eat without getting messy, so you don’t have to worry about being prim and proper.

A park date also allows for spontaneity, which some people love. You and your date might enjoy feeding the ducks or playing a game of frisbee. Who knows? When the fresh air and sunshine hits you, good things happen.

This date will involve lots of talking, but you’ll also get exercise from walking. This can help to soothe any anxiety you may have. You’ll also be out in the fresh air, so you can relax and the conversation will have a natural flow. 

The Icebreaker: Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great first date. It’s fun but still intimate. You could end up holding hands for balance, which encourages physical touch in a purely innocent way. 

It can’t be wrong when so many movies involve dates at the ice rink. There are skating date scenes in Rocky, Happy Gilmore, and Last Christmas, just to name a few.

This is an opportunity to either exhibit grace or cute clumsiness. It all depends on how good you are on skates.

If you are a seasoned skater, you can impress your date with your smooth moves on the ice. If you aren’t that great, you can make a fool of yourself and laugh about it with your date.

And if your date is better than you, maybe they can teach you a few tricks!

The Bohemian: Check Out a Music Festival

If you have already bonded over music, going to a music festival as a first date would be perfect. Not only will you get to see a variety of musicians, but you can enjoy many different activities in one location.

Some music festivals have good food, and they all have great energy. You can expect to meet a lot of cool people and enjoy a few drinks. Dancing is encouraged!

Before choosing a festival, ask your date what kind of music they enjoy. It would be a shame to put them through a whole day of listening to music they really don’t like. 

The Do-Gooder: Volunteer!

If you are a volunteer, ask your date if they’d like to join you. It may not sound like a good first date idea, but bonding over good deeds is a great way to start off a relationship.

Plus, you’ll both learn a lot about each other. You will find out how much compassion the other has, which is an important quality to look for in a partner.

The Morning Jolt: Meet for Coffee

If you want a first date that you can end quickly or linger in, depending on how good it’s going, meeting for coffee is a great choice. 

Having coffee is like going to a bar but with all your senses intact. Of course, be ready to talk because this date is purely conversational.

If all goes well, you can extend it to lunch. If you decide they aren’t the one, off you go to a “very important meeting.” It’s simply too easy!

The Fanatic: Go to Sporting Event

If you’re both sports fans, you should definitely attend a game for your first date.

It doesn’t even matter who they root for. You can either bond over a shared team alliance or joke about your rivalry. So long as you keep the rivalry friendly, all will be well. 

Sporting events are entertaining but also give you time for talking, eating, and drinking. That is the trifecta for a good time. 

One word of advice, however, is to get good seats. Your date may not be impressed by seats up in the nosebleed section. 


With a solid plan for your first date, you can relax and focus on getting to know the other person. Without all the nerves, you can be yourself and enjoy each other’s company.

This will help to increase the possibility of a second date. You never know which first date will be your last first date ever!

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