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A Guide to the Different Types of Men’s Fragrances

A Guide to the Different Types of Men’s Fragrances

By now, you will have heard all about the benefits of investing in a fragrance that perfectly complements your personality and effortlessly boosts your confidence. You may have even begun your search in order to find said fragrance only to discover that the realm of men’s perfume and cologne is slightly more complex than you had originally anticipated. How exactly do you tell your cologne apart from your eau fraiche, and your eau de toilette from your parfum? No stress; below is a helpful breakdown.

Eau fraiche

This is the subtlest men’s fragrance currently available on the market and generally only lasts about an hour at full power following application. It contains a maximum of three percent of perfume oils mixed with both water and alcohol and is often selected by men who have sensitive skin and need to avoid more heavily saturated scents.


Cologne is arguably the most popular fragrance choice for men, especially in North America. It is usually a refreshing, subtle fragrance that is made up of a maximum of four percent perfume oils mixed with water and alcohol. Most men apply it directly on the neck or the wrists and can expect it to remain noticeable for around two to three hours at most before a top-up is needed.

Eau de toilette

Eau de toilette is generally more powerful than both cologne and eau de fraiche put together. It is made up of up to 15 percent pure perfume essence which is only dissolved in alcohol (no water for dilution). It will last between three and four hours.

Eau de parfum

Even stronger yet, eau de parfum is made in a similar way to eau de toilette. It simply contains a greater concentration of pure perfume essence – usually up to 20 percent. It should last all day (or for a minimum of five to six hours).


Parfum is the most concentrated men’s fragrance that you can buy and, unsurprisingly, the most expensive too. It has an oily composition and consists of up to 30 percent pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol. Once applied onto the skin, it can easily last for more than 24 hours. Often, it is more affordable to invest in parfum right from the start, especially if you will be ‘topping up’ your fragrance frequently as it starts to wane.

Tips for buying men’s fragrance

  • Always remember to test out a fragrance directly on your skin to get the full effect and appreciate all of its notes
  • Consider buying men’s fragrance online when you know what you want. Countless e-commerce stores offer discount men’s cologne online; some offer as much as 70 percent off!
  • Take some strong coffee beans to sniff in between testing out fragrances to ‘re-set’ your palate.
  • Don’t try to skimp when buying fragrance. Aside from taking advantage on discounts regarding quality brands, fragrance definitely is not something that you should buy cheap. If you do, you will likely end up spending more money in the long run as you will eventually look to replace it.

Enjoy the journey of finding the fragrance that fits you best!

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