5 Coolest Birthday Gifts For Your Husbands

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One of the biggest mistakes most married couples make is that they forget to be thoughtful about each other once they are over five or so years into marriage. From what used to be a thrilling, attention-showering relationships marriages turn into pools of boredom and mundane activities neither of the pair like or understand.

Obviously, a singular detachment leads to a series of new ones and an overall disinterest that is, gently put, heartbreaking. No wonder you spend most time nagging instead of cuddling and sexing it up! Well, guess what – a single positive, attentive action can mean more to your partner than you can even imagine and possibly top off tons of previous disagreements and quarrels. With that in mind, we’re listing our five top favorite gifts you can treat your hubby for his upcoming birthday and put a huge smile on his face!

Be naked all day

A watch? Sure, he’ll go crazy about it. Shaving kits? Absolutely, he’ll love them. Cosmetics? Yeah, why not. But a naked woman he adores walking around the house like that, up for any sex adventure he may think of – now that’s a birthday he’ll remember forever and a day!

Send the kids to your grandparents, tell your hubby to call in sick (if his bday doesn’t fall on a weekend day) and bake him his favorite cupcakes you’ll later serve him naked. Yes, his favorite sexy lingerie on you works as well – you know your hubby best, after all. Be open to his fantasies and desires, and let him feel powerful and dominant. Do know that there may be some porn-watching-together requests and God knows what else. But it’s his birthday and he’s your man. Treat him right.

Organize a day off with his buddies

He loves the family and family time, and he loves you… but he also loves his down time with his best mates, no wife or family included. Be the best wife anyone could ask for and organize a weekend getaway for him and the boys. No, you aren’t really expected to go Hangover extravagant in these organizations; rather, book them a place you know they love and that will do. Buy a ticket for him and his few best friends (you know who they are), and present them to your hubby at midnight. He’ll love you even more than he already does!

Encourage his inner child

The fact he is a husband to you and a father to your kids doesn’t really mean he’s over his inner child (most men never are, really). Although we women do tend to find their childish urges super annoying at times, there really is something pretty cute about the whole Peter Pan complex. It may be the fact that they awaken that nurturing instinct in us… ah, who knows. Anyways, the latest trend in the boy’s department is that super fun swegway thing Justin Bieber (along with other celebrities) used to ride and promote all over Snapchat. If you remember your husband talking about “how cool it would be to have one”, then buy it for him and let him quench that childish thirst in him! A black swegway will sure be his favorite gift of the year!

Travel around

If you’ve been planning a road trip or a destination journey for a while, this is the right time to make it happen! Put a smile on your husband’s face by booking a trip to his favorite destination and surprise him with the news on his birthday. Make it a couple’s trip or a trip for the entire family, even (kids, included). We can bet he’ll love every single moment of it!

A few tips, though:

  1. If you are looking to rekindle the romance in your marriage, make it a just-you-two-trip
  2. If you feel like your family needs to spend more time together, include the kids too
  3. If your budget doesn’t allow for a full-on vacation (kids or no kids), opt only for a weekend getaway that’ll be just as equally exciting


Love the man he is

Contrary to the child in him that loves his swegway adventures, the man in him loves his sharp look and serious attitude (we kind of love it too, don’t we?). Depending on the type of work your husband does, treat him with an outfit he’ll adore. We are leaning towards a tailored suit as these are an evergreen piece every man should own, regardless of his profession or daily activities. Yes, they may be a bit expensive but it’s worth it – he’ll look incredibly handsome with you on his hand in it, right?

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  1. Ha Ha, I can just imagine being naked all day. ha ha ha. Okay but you are right we need to do more for the men in our lives, mine sure does deserve it

  2. Great ideas-my husbands birthday is in Oct and I always struggle with what to buy for him or do for him:) Sadly I bought the super expensive drone a few months before his birthday–can I just re-wrap the box? lol

  3. Really awesome and great gifts..Those lists will really like and treat as special gift of every man, Especially when it comes from their love ones.

  4. Those are really excellent tips for gifts for a man.
    I think my hubby would be interested in spending his day with his buddies ?

  5. My husband is a much better father/husband when he has time to do things he enjoys. We all need alone time and time with our friends, daddies included.


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