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5 Dating Tips You Should Take From Gay Men

5 Dating Tips You Should Take From Gay Men

Dating can be tough for everyone, especially for gay men, because of the presence of societal taboos. However, it can be easier with some actual, real-life, helpful dating advice. Given all, it seems that love often troubles us, but we still can’t (or don’t want to) live without it. Thus, the best way to find a balance is to date, but cautiously. We’ve compiled this short list of essential dating tips from gay men, to gay men. 

The first tip says that you should consider dating guys other than your ‘type’. Almost everyone has their own type – gay men particularly. Besides that, you should use dating apps, but you should be mindful while doing it. Moreover, you should use all the advantages the modern age offers us, including the possibility of video chat. Also, you should try to force attraction if there isn’t any. While getting to know your potential partner, check if you share the same or similar values. 

Consider dating guys other than your ‘type’

Gay men, more than anyone, like having their type. Even though this is not a bad thing, it can perhaps be in some cases. One such case is if you automatically disregard anyone who doesn’t fit into your type. This is one form of prejudice and we should try to snap out of it. Instead, you should consider giving a chance to somebody who’s kind, generous and fun, even though he is not your type per se. You will be surprised at the fact that you can meet interesting guys that way too. Remember that it doesn’t cost you anything to give someone a chance.

Pay attention to the apps you’re using

There is a myriad of dating apps you can use. And they are quite popular among the gay population. So, take advantage of this opportunity. However, be mindful of the apps and their goals. Some apps are meant for casual dating, while others are for more relationships. You can also use dating and matchmaking services. For example, if you live in NYC, you can search for a gay matchmaker in New York. Such a service can help you find somebody suitable and amusing. Their matchmaking rate is quite high – as high as 87%! These dating services for men are available worldwide, including in Australia, New Zealand and London, among others.

Take advantage of video chatting

The digital age offers us the possibility to do many things online, including getting to know somebody. We can do that through many instant messaging apps, voice calls as well as video calls. So, take advantage of this opportunity. When you find somebody interesting online, on social media or through various apps, you can get to know them first by texting. Then, the next step can be video chatting, and only if you click, meeting in person. In that way, you can have more realistic expectations. 

Don’t force attraction

Nothing you have to force works in the long run. So, if you don’t feel attracted to somebody, or simply, if there is no attraction, don’t force it. We sometimes want to feel attracted to somebody so hard, that we try to force it. We shouldn’t do that, as that bubble will burst eventually. Instead, it’s better to remain friends, if you like each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Check if you share the same or similar values

To work well with somebody and live in harmony, you don’t have to share all your interests. However, what’s important to share are the values. You should have the same or at least similar values with somebody who you want to make a part of your life. Otherwise, there could be a lot of contradictory opinions and behaviours. This is something you should pay attention to at the very beginning of a potential relationship. 

Hopefully, these dating tips can help you find suitable partners, and who knows, perhaps even the love of your life!