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Easy Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Children

Easy Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Children

Spending time with your children is very important for their development, but also the parents’ emotional health. That’s why it’s essential that you create a bond with them while they’re still babies so that spending time together isn’t foreign for either of you. Once the children reach teenage years, they’ll slowly start to detach from you and start existing in their own little universe that will be very difficult for a parent to be a part of. So, to make sure your child has a happy childhood and grows up into a well-raised individual, think about spending more quality time with them and we have a few suggestions on how you can do it.

Introduce a bedtime routine

Adding a dose of family time in your bedtime routine will be invaluable for your child’s development. Tucking them in, having a few words before they fall asleep, maybe even reading them a story can all be wonderful ways to spend time with your bundle of joy.  Find some time between dinner and bed to focus on talking together. Children are very curious so be prepared to answer loads of questions and always do your best to give a good answer. Think about having your own little rituals where you’ll wash your faces and brush teeth at the same time, do a bit of yoga, or have hot cocoa before going to bed.

Find time to play with them

If there’s one thing children love, it’s to play for hours upon hours. So, why not try to be their companion and enter their little world of toys and games. Think about getting them a set of creative toys and try to be a part of their playtime. For example, great educational products shop packs should include a 3Doodler which will allow you to play with your little one, without anyone missing out on the fun. This will also give you an insight into the way they think, whether their cognitive skills are good as well as discover what it is that amuses them the most.

Have them keep you company during workouts

Physical activity is imperative for everyone because it keeps the body strong and functioning well. Children are extremely active in their young age so why not use that excess of energy and channel it into a mutual workout? If you’re having your daily session of yoga, ask your little one to join you and learn all about this energizing practice. You can also do more vigorous workouts with your child and teach them the importance of staying active through doing push-ups, sit-ups, running and cycling.

Let them be your little cook helpers

Children love to try new things and even more so when they see their parents doing it. You should be aware of the fact that your child will want to copy you in everything, so it’s vital that you become a good role model. What’s more, allow them to help you around the kitchen and when you decide to bake, have them play with dough or pass you the ingredients. Whatever you can find that it doesn’t involve using sharp dangerous objects and utensils, they should do it.

You should use as much time as possible to be with your children if you want them to feel connected to you and find you dependable. Pick any of the previously mentioned activities or maybe even come up with some of your own to make sure you’re not missing out on their childhood. The years will go by in a blink of an eye and before you know it, they’ll be off to college, so don’t regret not spending valuable time with them while they still wanted to be around you most of the time.

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