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10 Air Pollution Facts Every Person Should Know

10 Air Pollution Facts Every Person Should Know

Although it doesn’t seem that way, air pollution is a problem that concerns us all. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, and what you do – air pollution will find its way to you and affect the quality of your life. That’s why you need to learn more about this issue, from what causes it to how you can protect your family against air pollution. Therefore, here are ten facts you might want to start with.

What is air pollution?

First, you need to understand what air pollution is and how it occurs. This issue is actually surprisingly easy to define – it’s all about corrupting clean air with dangerous chemicals, particles, and other hazardous materials. Air pollution is the reason why lots of places in the world have been struggling with fresh and clean air for decades now, and its negative effects can be experienced by people and animals, as well as food crops or the entire environment.

What constitutes air pollution?

Although we know that air pollution is bad for us in lots of different ways, we don’t know what causes these negative effects. In order to understand that, you need to understand what constitutes air pollution and why there are so many bad chemicals in it. Combining different solid and gas particles into one homogenous mixture, air pollution is a threat in more ways than one. It endangers your health because of all those gases, dust and fumes separately and as a whole, so being extra careful is a must.

When did air pollution appear?

Lots of people associate the appearance of air pollution with the rise in the industry in their area and believe this is a relatively new occurrence, but it’s actually not like that. The fact is that people have been dealing with this problem for over half a century, since the 1950s, while some historians believe it’s even worse than that. Dating air pollution to the days of ancient Rome might sound like a bit too much at first, but some experts believe that to be an accurate discovery.

Who is under attack?

Again, it might seem that the people from the industrially developed countries are in the biggest problem when it comes to air pollution, but we’re all actually dealing with this issue. From the USA to China, all countries have to fight air pollution whether they like it or not. This is a global fight because it concerns us all, and everyone needs to do their share. Ultimately, that’s the only way to make a difference and minimize the negative effects of air pollution.

Who can you look up to?

Different countries have different opinions when dealing with air pollution, but some are more successful than others. China, for instance, is recognizing the importance of this problem and finding ways to be proactive about it. Its government and people managed to control air pollution in certain areas of China, which is why recent China pollution reports are saying that things are actually getting better. This isn’t enough, though, and every corner of China and the world needs to worry about doing something good in their local areas.

How dangerous is air pollution?

This is something you probably already know, but air pollution is extremely dangerous. The reason for this is quite simple – pollution is all about introducing negative elements into a healthy environment, and that’s what’s been endangering so many lives. Pollution is jeopardizing people’s lives all around the world, and a number of them have passed away because of it. That’s why air pollution is such a serious and dangerous problem, and it’s a problem we all need to solve together.

What sort of illnesses does air pollution cause?

Nobody likes hearing this, but air pollution is destroying our health. From your lungs and kidneys to your heart and brain, literally, every major organ in your body is affected by air pollution. You can’t sit at home and avoid pollution exposure that way, but you need to be careful when going out. Adequate clothes and protection will mean quite a lot, so learn a few things about these and get as protected as possible.

What sort of clothes should you wear?

There’s a huge misunderstanding between the fashion industry and other people. The latter accuse the former of causing air pollution, while the former keeps saying that it’s not just their fault. Whatever the truth is, you should find clothes that will protect your body against pollution. Cotton clothes and natural materials should be quite enough, or you can always get a hazmat suit that will keep you safe.

How to limit pollution exposure?

Firstly, stay away from polluted cities and areas as much as possible. Also, start wearing defensive clothes whenever you can. Finally, avoid rush hours and situations where air pollution can hurt you the most, and be sure to protect your children as well.

What can you do?

In the end, this is the most important and crucial issue, no matter where you live and how old you are. Fighting air pollution is something we all need to, regardless of our exposure and health status. Some of the things you can do include getting an electric car, walking to work or riding a bike, composting your waste, recycling regularly, and using renewable power. These things mean quite a lot, so start doing them asap!

Finding out more about air pollution means you’re ready to fight it and are actually aware of why it’s such a problem. Keep on learning new things, and get involved in this global fight today!

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