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Best Gym Beauty Tricks

Best Gym Beauty Tricks

For some people, going to the gym is a daily ritual and for others, a once per week relaxing activity. No matter what your relationship with the gym is, we all go there for the same reason – to be a better version of ourselves. For some people, it’s also important to look their best while working out – and that’s a-okay. But with all the sweating and moving around, it’s not easy to look picture-perfect. However, it’s not impossible and here’s how to do it:

Wear minimal or no makeup

No matter if your makeup brand advertises that it doesn’t clog pores and has a light feeling, you will be sweating a lot and your skin needs to breathe. The best way to avoid a cakey look, smudged mascara and bleeding lipstick is – not to wear makeup. But for some, this might be easier said than done. Some people just can’t imagine their day without makeup and if you would like to keep it on while exercising, here’s how to do it. Apply a light BB cream or a mineral powder instead of foundation. Make sure your mascara is waterproof, and don’t apply more than one coat. Skip highlighter altogether because its shine together with your sweat will be too much and will not do you any good. You can use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place, but be careful since some of them can block your pores and suffocate your skin.

Stay fresh

There is always a correlation between how we feel and how we look, so if we feel like a hot and sticky mess, we’ll look like one, too. Keep your hair out of your face by using clips because you will feel even stickier with hair on your skin. If you at any point feel like you are a bit too sweaty, take some wet wipes and freshen yourself up so you can move on feeling a lot better. Make sure you are using a good deodorant that will prevent you from smelling bad, but avoid antiperspirants while exercising since you really don’t want to stop your body from sweating. If you need an extra boost of freshness, you can carry around some refreshing spray or mist to spritz on your face when you feel like you’re overheating.

Choose the right clothes

There is one simple rule when it comes to dressing for any occasion: put comfort first. And there is no situation where this is more true than in the gym. If your gym wear is comfortable, cooling and makes you look and feel good, you will be in a much better headspace and will be able to exercise longer. You should always adapt what you are wearing to the type of your workout: don’t wear loose trousers to a cycling class, wear something tight if you want to observe your muscles during a yoga class and simply wear whatever allows you to feel good while exercising. Make sure that all of your clothes are natural, but not 100% cotton because cotton will hold water and you will be walking around in a wet shirt for a long time.

Going to the gym should be a fun experience and one that will make us want to come back. So, no matter if you are going there with a specific goal, to kill some spare time or to hang out with friends, you should look and feel good in your own skin.

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