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Jewelry Hanging Organizer – DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

Jewelry Hanging Organizer – DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

I have all my jewelry put in a box where most of them were worn occasionally and some I seldom use for ages. I have been wanting to create my own jewelry hanger and I found a great way to make myself one finally with these very simple steps I am going to share as it’s going to look super cute in our new bedroom!


Dollar Tree Photo Frame size 8 x 10
Plywood cut to the same size as the glass of the frame
3 drawer knobs
1 piece cut to 8 x 10 any paper for the background
Glue (to paste paper to the plywood)
Plastic cover
Wire *optional

Dollar Tree Frame 8 x 10
Drawer Knobs
scrapbook paper


So the first thing that I did was to take out the glass and some backing from the frame.

I cut a piece of a plywood in 8 x 10 in size, I actually used the glass as a guideline to get the perfect size of the plywood that will be use as backing support for the frame.

I then used a ruler to get the alignment position of the drawer knobs to the plywood.

I used a power drill to make the three holes for the drawer knobs.

I cut a scrapbook paper as for the background of the frame, you can use just about any paper and design. You may also use a fabric, card, etc.

I added a shield of plastic cover to avoid getting the background get scratches from the jewelries I hang on it.

Then I attached the drawer knobs into the frame holes I made securely. You can add in your personal style like if you want to add some beads or ornaments on the side of the frame, it’s totally up to you.

Finally, I place back the plywood backing to the frame securely and attached a wire on the back so I can finally hang them on the wall! Otherwise, you may also just place the fame on top of any table or cabinet.

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Happy crafting!

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