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Curb Appeal: It’s For Businesses, Too

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Curb Appeal: It’s For Businesses, Too

Despite the fact that more and more people are making money online, there’s still plenty of room for brick and mortar businesses to find the right place in the market. Often, the right place is a very literal place, too. But it’s not just the location that matters. It’s the way you use the location, as well. If you have a store or an office visited regularly by clients, the front of the building itself is where the customer service begins, and adding a little curb appeal can be of real benefit to the business.

Establishing a visual identity

The first and most important step is to create a plan for what kind of image you want the building’s exterior to give. The steps you take to create that image might depend on what the city code of the location you’re in allows. But investing in changes like electronic message centers, LED signage, an eye-catching color, and even the right choice of front door or window treatments can make a big difference. If it grabs the attention of those that walk past, then it’s immediately improving your potential to make some money from them.

First impressions not only matter, they sell

If you’re in retail, then you should use that attention and draw it directly to your products, too. Visual merchandising can help you organize the entire store in such a way that draws the eye to certain displays and highlights particular items through their aesthetic quality. One of the ways it’s most popularly used is in window displays. However, certain businesses such as furniture stores might be able to extend it further by displaying the appropriate items outside the shop entirely. If your products aren’t best suited to being in the window, then even having a digital display in their place can highlight some of your most attractive stock. The right visual merchandising can offer a great return on investment.

Looking neat

Beyond the brand and the products, making sure that the business oozes professionalism and high-standards extends as far as the area around it, as well. Uncared for pathways and surroundings drag down the appearance of the business as a whole. Keeping that area tidy is a must, and if there’s a little green such as a lawn or trees, they can maximize the welcoming aspect of its appearance even more. But only if you take care of them. Learn more about sprinkler systems to keep your grass greener than the other side and if you have any trees, make sure they get regular visitors from the local arborist. A spot of nature can do a business’s look a lot of good, but if it’s overgrown and messy or sparse and sickly looking, it can do the exact opposite.

Appearances matter and that extends to the building itself. A great visual brand can help you stand out and attract a lot more attention. The right display can help you boost sales. A tidy, professional appearance can strengthen your brand. If you want the right image for your business, you have to start from the outside and work your way in.


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