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Do virtual offices really help to boost productivity and profit?

Do virtual offices really help to boost productivity and profit?

Do virtual offices really help to boost productivity and profit?

When running your startup or small business, you could easily envy larger businesses – and not just due to their sustained size and profit margins. They seem to have the advantage when it comes to image, too; they get a swanky office, a proper business phone number and their own receptionist.

However, even your humble business can benefit from all three of those things, too – thanks to a virtual office. Could renting one help you to level the playing field without running into the red?

You can spare yourself expensive overheads

If you don’t know exactly what a virtual office is, the name itself probably betrays that it isn’t quite a physical office space in which you would work. It is still a physical office space of sorts, but you would largely just pay for its postal address, its phone number and various corporate capabilities.

With its stripped-down approach, a virtual office is much cheaper than a bricks-and-mortar alternative, but you would still be able to rent a meeting room as necessary, reveals

The world is your oyster… or recruiting ground

Landing the staff you need can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube. Naturally, you need the right talent, but much of it could be beyond easy commuting distance of where your business is based. Worse, as the best candidates could be rather scattered, even relocating your firm might not be much help.

Fortunately, though, the internet allows people to work remotely from almost anywhere, as American Express explains. Therefore, you can assemble a team truly “global” in its outlook.

Workers aren’t tied to a 9-to-5 grind

Yes, it might be the standard way of working, but it’s not necessarily the one conducive to optimum productivity. Some people actually feel at their most energized in the waking hours, while certain people might have parenting responsibilities that they would like to fit around their work.

Fortunately, as a virtual office lets you take your work with you nearly anywhere, you can even answer calls forwarded from your business number to your mobile while you’re on the school run.

You can reduce commuting time

That includes the commuting time of both you and your staff, since there will be no bricks-and-mortar space to which either of you would be required to travel day after day. Therefore, you wouldn’t even need to spend money on fuelling your vehicle or taking public transport.

You might still occasionally need to meet someone at a physical office – in which case, you could book a day office or meeting room, as would be possible with a virtual office from BE Offices.

Employees can still chat at virtual offices

Contrary to belief in some quarters, workers at virtual offices can still easily converse amongst themselves – and that’s due to software options facilitating both video chats and text-based communication worldwide, indicates Business 2 Community.

Therefore, your business can benefit from all of the above benefits of virtual offices without compromising on the kind of creative conversations possible in traditional workplaces.

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