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Easy Ways to Mix and Match Different Decorating Styles

Easy Ways to Mix and Match Different Decorating Styles

Decorating your living space can be a challenge enough without thinking about the exact style you want to go for. Add a variety of styles to the mix and what was supposed to be a fun venture, can easily turn into a real nightmare. If you’re in the middle of the interior design conundrum, we’re here to help you mix and match different decorating styles without making your home look like a flea market. 

Following a colour palette is key

One of the key effects that you want to achieve with mixing and matching styles is cohesion. The best way to do it is with colours. Instead of filling your living room with a variety of hues, it would be much better to pick a few colours that can easily make the room look put together. Use a consistent colour throughout all of the pieces to make the rooms throughout the house feel unified, regardless of the variation in decor.  That way, if you opt for black and white for instance, even if the table is contemporary and you choose traditional chairs and accessories, the room won’t look out of place. 

Stick to scaling

By scale, we mean the visual weight of different objects.  You’ll want to create a sense of balance in your home, which won’t come on its own. On the contrary, you’ll need to use a uniform scale among differing furniture items to make all of them fit into the entire interior. If you go for a small-scale sofa, you should make sure to balance it with another small-scale item. A coffee table similar in size, alongside a smaller scale of the accessories you’ll spread across the room, will make the entire living room look perfect. Furthermore, interior designers in Hong Kong have been experimenting with scale and placed dainty objects next to weightier, heavier ones. Surprisingly enough they balanced each other flawlessly because the rooms were spacious enough to accommodate furniture of varied sizes. 

Find a unifying element

Another great strategy with mixing and matching different styles is finding a unifying element that will make the entire room look cohesive. What major Hong Kong interior designs suggest is to start furnishing a room with one focus object work your way up. For example, if you choose a coffee table with prominent curves, and pick out chairs with complementing curvy details, you’ll have a wonderful foundation to build a flawless room from. Finding a connection between furniture pieces from different periods, such as the colour of wood or the shape of a carpet can make the entire decor more connected. You can follow the trendy style of renowned Hong Kong designers and pick a carpet from HK that will tie the room together. Put the carpet in the centre and build the rest of the furniture around it for a unified look. 

Match different wood types

Do you have contrasting periods of furniture lying around the attic? No need to invest in all new furniture because different wood types can complement each other seamlessly.  If they are the same shade or made from the same wood, you’ll have no trouble matching them in your interior. As long as the wood tones are consistent, the pieces will look like they belong together. 

From following a simple colour palette to putting together furniture of different sizes and styles, decorating your home interior can be a lot of fun. Don’t worry about mismatching the pieces, but stick to our few simple rules and you’ll have a home worthy of interior magazine covers in no time. 

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