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How The Internet is Keeping Seniors Healthy

How The Internet is Keeping Seniors Healthy

Give it up for the Internet and all the wonderful things it has done for us. Social media and general browsing are, luckily, not just for the younger generation anymore; seniors over the age of 65 are flocking to social platforms and find that it brings them great joy as well.

If you have an older relative who you fear may be isolated and lonely, as many older people are, you can easily give them the tools to lead active and social lives in no time.

Here is how your older family members can benefit from social media and how you can help them navigate the new terrain with ease.

Seniors and mental health

Loneliness is a serious issue these days, and it’s something we see far too often in the elderly. It’s not just something to brush off either, as it has a profound effect on our mental as well as our physical health; Brigham Young University reports that social isolation equals a 30 % increase in mortality while others take it even further, stretching it to an astonishing 60 %.

All in all, it’s clear that being lonely can be just as dangerous as smoking and obesity, and we could all benefit from helping each other out a little bit.

It’s not always easy for elderly to ask for help, though, and certainly not when the topic is rarely spoken about in public. That’s where social media and the wonderful Internet can help us a bit on the way, making it easier to speak up – and connect with each other. Pair their social media presence with the stress-relievers at and you’ve already done a lot to boost their health.

Social media and old age

A study published by the American Psychological Association found that, by participating in social media sites, adults over 65 years experienced a boost in cognitive health. Read more about the study at for more details, by the way.

It’s not just an odd grandma or two that’s been signing up for Facebook lately, though; the same study found that about 59 % of older adults are roaming the web at the moment.

And the numbers will just keep climbing, with those who experience positive interactions on the site reporting fewer instances of negative health habits such as smoking – as well as depression and disease.

How you can help

The first thing you can do is, of course, to help them set up a profile and connect with their family members. Upload photos and videos frequently when you’re not around and ask them if they’ve seen the cute pictures of their grandchildren you have published.

It’s easier than ever for seniors to keep up with what your family is up to, and even feel more included in your daily lives, so keep sharing content with them.

When they know how to manage the basic social platforms, it will be easy for them to feel included in communities and even make use of YouTube. Before you know it, they’ll have spent enough time there to upload a video snippet themselves – and the show is on the road.

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