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How to Reduce Your Household’s Energy Use

How to Reduce Your Household’s Energy Use

It does not matter what your motivation to reduce the household’s energy consumption is – whether it’s to reduce your energy/carbon footprint or merely to save money, the results will be inevitable and methods to do this can be quite simple and user-friendly. You don’t need to be an engineer or a repairman; you just need to make several small adjustments in order to have the effect you always wanted. If this sounds a bit unbelievable, here’s how to reduce your household’s energy use.

Paint your household in light tones

Painting is one of those home improvement projects each of us can do as long as we take time to do it, and it is also a good opportunity to reduce the energy use of your house. The “science” behind it is quite logical. Lighter colors refract more light. This means that, during the summer heat waves, you will have a naturally cooler household at least by several degrees if the exterior is light. On the other hand, painting your interiors in light tones (or choosing a plain white color) will make your household look more airy and bright. The light that comes through the windows will refract better and you will actually take advantage of more natural light – having to resort to flicking the light switches later on.

Don’t let the malfunction sit

Many, if not most people have a particularly bad domestic habit – whenever they notice a malfunction such as electrical issue, a leaking faucet, a wet wall or an appliance going haywire, they tend to delay calling the professional. Most of the resistance comes because they have to reorganize and have to suffer through the stress of having a stranger in their home. However, you need to get into the habit of “pushing through” this anxiety. For example, in the case of the first major electrical malfunction, find the most reliable electrician in Seven Hills and establish rapport with them, so it becomes much easier to speed dial them in the case something else goes wrong.

Switch the lighting

If your monthly electric bills are high and yet it appears everything is fine with your electrical grid, check if your household is equipped with incandescent light bulbs. If that is the case, you should definitely go out and purchase other energy-efficient variants as soon as you can. LED and CFL lights are the best and most practical solutions our market has to offer right now. LED lights are by far the healthiest solutions (CFLs can be brittle and they contain some toxic metals that go airborne once they crack), and you will notice a discrepancy in the size of the bill as soon as the following month. Also, turn off the lights whenever you don’t need them. Do not leave the room lit for no reason whatsoever. And now that we have touched upon this topic…

Unplug the electrical devices

This may sound like overkill as you probably haven’t heard that anybody does this, but actually unplugging portable electrical devices (and most of them technically are) whenever you are not using them can reduce energy consumption. A detail that is often ignored by many people and which the industry fails to mention is that devices such as phones, pads, television sets, home entertainment systems, computer monitors, printers and even items such as coffee machines tend to “draw” a small, almost invisible amount of energy when you are not using them. However, when all of these devices pile up and spend electricity at the same time, the difference by the end of the month – or better yet, by the end of the year – is quite noticeable.

Change can be hard, but if you decide to apply a variety of easy, DIY methods to start saving energy, the benefits are simply too big to ignore. In fact, most of these methods and tips involve material changes which you’ll hardly notice, yet the impact on your wallet will be immense. Whenever you get a chance to make something energy-efficient (e.g. when something requires renovation), always use the opportunity to “green upgrade” your household and you will be on your way to a happier and healthier life.

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