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What is jade facial rolling and how can it help your skin?

What is jade facial rolling and how can it help your skin?

Today we live in an age where popular skin care trends tend to fall into one of two camps: cutting-edge products and techniques such as natural tanning drops and microneedling or traditional, time-honoured practices that have been handed down for countless generations. Jade rolling falls into the latter, more low-tech, camp and it’s something that has heightened in popularity with cult beauty fans over the past few years.

 A history of healing and protective properties

Jade facial rollers have actually been around for centuries, with evidence of their existence reaching as far back as 7th century China. At this time, jade was a stone that was known for its healing and protective properties and even to this day, lovers of crystal hold the belief that it protects against negative energy and balances your chi (or qi). In traditional Chinese medicine, the appearance of physical and mental symptoms can often mean that your chi (qi) is unbalanced but, luckily, practices such as jade rolling can help.

The basics

Pick up a jade roller, and you’ll realise just how basic it is. It’s a small oblong stone made of pure jade that is attached to a handle and a metal frame that allows it to roll. (Put it this way – if you leave it around for your dad to find he might think it’s a paint roller.) Some of today’s jade rollers feature a textured surface that can help with massaging and some are double-ended with a smaller stone to help with areas such as around the eyes.

As with any type of massage, a facial massage can help to relieve tension in overworked muscles which in turn helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This, paired with the healing properties of the jade stone, can help to ward off signs of stress and anxiety. It’s recommended that you make jade facial rolling part of your nightly skincare routine. Once you’ve applied your moisturiser, spend around five minutes using the jade roller on your face in an upward motion, from your chin to your forehead. The cells on our face are laid out like shingles on a roof, so working upwards is the best way to ensure that you’re making the most of this technique. On those days that your skin needs a little extra TLC, pop your jade roller in the fridge while you complete your skincare regimen, and when you come to use it, it will be cool enough to fight under eye bags and puffiness.

What should you expect?

Rolling the jade across your skin should make it glow, appear less puffy and improve elasticity thanks to its ability to promote lymphatic drainage. This is a therapeutic massage treatment that involves increasing the flow of lymph and reducing toxins in your body. After a few weeks of regular jade roller use, you should notice that the overall tension in your face has diminished and that it’s worked better than any face mask you’ve ever tried when it comes to combating those eye bags. There’s also something that feels incredibly decadent about rolling a pure jade stone over your face so if you’re looking to add a simple, spa-like element to your daily routine, then this might be the product for you. 

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