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Making Money Fast!

Making Money Fast!

Generally speaking, it takes time to make money. You work long hours to get a paycheck at the end of the week or month. You work hard over time to gain a promotion allowing you to earn more or you set up your own business and put in long hours to grow it into a profitable enterprise.

Sometimes, however, this isn’t good enough. You need money fast. There’s a bill that needs paying, a vacation to finance or birthday presents to shop for, and your regular income isn’t enough. You just haven’t got the time to secure a pay rise or save a little each week.

Fortunately, in 2018, there are real, legitimate ways to make anything from extra pocket money to a pretty decent sum, quickly and with as much or little effort as you want to make. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Look After Your Debts

Debt is the biggest waste of money out there. You are paying interest and making repayments towards absolutely nothing, and they can take years to pay off. Paying your debts off or rearranging them won’t actually make you extra money, but it will leave you with much more disposable income each month.

Paying debt off isn’t a quick thing. It takes real time and effort, but there is a lot you can do in the short-term to use any debts you’ve got to free up money. Some of the best options include so that you only pay one lot of interest and one repayment, or a balance transfer credit card.


There are many freelancing sites out there that let you use your skills to make extra cash. Even with no experience, you can earn money well with a little talent and spare time. Some fantastic options include content writing, web design, graphic design, marketing, advertising, photography and social media management. Much of this work can be done from home in your free time and could quickly build up to a substantial second income.


Blogging, like freelancing, is a brilliant way to make money in your spare time. Think about what you would like writing about. Try to make it something that you are an expert on or feel passionate about and get started.

To make a large income from your blog, you will need to treat it like a business and put the hours in. But, to make a little extra cash, look for sponsored posts and add affiliate marketing links and adverts to your site. 


Selling is an excellent way to make money fast, without much effort at all. Have a huge clear out and sell any unwanted goods online or using an app. This is a quick way to make extra money, but for long-term income, you’ll need to either start producing a product to sell or look at buying goods wholesale to sell on.

Making money quickly can give you a chance to save, clear debts, treat yourself or just cover your costs on a tight month. It can even end up being good fun!

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