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3 Reasons to Have a Spine Surgery

3 Reasons to Have a Spine Surgery

Back pain causes a lot of discomforts, but when it becomes unbearable, it’s time to see the doctor. Whether you’ve had a car accident, or your trauma is caused by everyday sports activities, spine problems should be dealt with as soon as you experience even the slightest of pain. There are severe consequences that you may end up with, unless you turn to a doctor the minute you notice something is wrong with your spine. These include paralysis, compressed nerves in your spine that will cause even more pain, and overgrowth of bone. Surgery is sometimes the only solution to back problems, so make sure you know all about the potential spine fractures that may need surgical intervention.


Spondylosis is a stress fracture that occurs through a fragile part of the vertebral bone, which is often broken on both sides. A direct trauma caused by an athletic activity or a genetic weakness is only one of the potential causes of stress fracture that will eventually grow into spondylosis if not treated on time. Athletes in high-impact sports are the most common victims of these types of fractures, which can heal on their own, with sufficient rest and core strengthening. However, if the fracture isn’t treated properly in the beginning, the condition will eventually become more severe, in which case a surgical intervention will be unavoidable. 

Spinal stenosis

One of the problems with an aging spine is precisely spinal stenosis. If you feel pain while you’re standing, but it lessens once you sit down, you’re likely to suffer from this spinal problem. If leaning back causes pain, but leaning forward decreases it, or you’re experiencing pain in the upper thigh, buttocks or groin but not down the back of the legs, you’re suffering from spinal stenosis. No matter how unpleasant and terrifying the idea of having surgery sounds, this is the only solution for your back pain. Luckily, if you turn to a highly experienced neurosurgeon Dr Timothy Steel, you won’t have to worry about a thing, because he’ll make sure your spine is in tip-top shape, after only one procedure called laminectomy. The pain will be relieved by 90% with this simple procedure, and you’ll be able to live a happy and pain-free life for a long time.

Spinal fracture

High-velocity accidents are one of the main causes of spinal fracture. These accidents are usually associated with trauma from sporting accidents, a fall from height or motor vehicle accidents, in which cases, the fractures are most commonly located in the mid or lower back. Moderate to severe pain in the back increased with movement is the most common sign of a spinal fracture, in which case surgery is required as soon as possible. Chance fracture, axial fracture and compression fracture are some of the most common spinal fractures, and depending on the seriousness of these injuries the spine can be treated with cervical bracing, traction, surgery or the combination of the aforementioned treatments.

Non-surgical therapy is often enough for back pain, but once the problem is more severe, you’ll need surgery. Therefore, it’s essential that you know which problems and what type of pain will require surgical intervention. Don’t hesitate to see the doctor, and act immediately after you’ve experienced any type of back injury so that the problem doesn’t grow beyond the points of fixing. Spondylosis, spinal stenosis and spinal fracture are just some of the serious back problems that will require surgery ‒ but worry not ‒ if you turn to an experienced neurosurgeon, you’ll have a peace of mind and be sure to have a successful procedure and a quick recovery, followed by a pain-free life.

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