40 Royalty Free Images Stock Photo Sites for your Website or Blog Posts!

40 Royalty Free Images Stock Photo Sites for your Website or Blog Posts!
  1. Fotolia.com
    Fotolia.com is the site where you should go if you need an incredible range of wonderful stock images to make your work stand out the best. The images available here can help you easily in making any of your creative projective.
  2. Istockphoto.com
    From illustration images, beautiful photos, vectors, and patterns to amazing backgrounds, this site contains a huge number of HD stock images that can make your blog posts even better. You don’t have to pay money for the blog photos, just get free images from this site and save money.
  3. Pxhere.com
    Are you searching for HD stock images that are free of copyrights? If yes, then this site is perfect for you as it offers a large collection of  HD images that can be used anywhere without the fear of copyright.
  4. Unsplash.com
    Unsplash.com offers high-quality free stock images. The image can be downloaded from any categories such as nature, animals, health, business or computer etc. The large number of images to choose from makes this site one of the best free stock photo sites when it comes to stock images.
  5. Designerspics.com
    If you are in search of the images to use them both personally and commercially then you should visit designerspics.com. The site offers free stock images for blog posts that too in great quality.
  6. Magdeleine.co
    This site offers thousands of free high-resolution images from different categories. Anyone can easily download their favorite image to use in the blog posts or anywhere else without the issue of copyright.
  7. StockSnap.io
    StockSnap offers an amazing selection of free images under the creative commons license. You can easily browse through the categories as well as the top trending photos at the site.
  8. SplitShire.com
    Do you want to save money by getting photos from a professional photographer for free?  If yes, then visit this site now as it offers completely free stock photos by a photographer/web designer.
  9. Gratisography.com
    This wonderful site contains several amazing high resolutions and totally unique photos by Ryan McGuire, licensed under creative commons.
  10. NewOldStock.com
    Are you in search of the perfect vintage photos from public archives. If yes, then visit this site now and get HD images for your blog posts, websites or personal use that are free of copyright restrictions.
  11. Picjumbo.com
    Being one of the best free stock photo sites, this website offers lots of free stock images licensed under creative commons.
  12. SnapwireSnaps.tumblr.com
    This amazing site contains license as well as commission photos that too from the talented photographers from all around the world. Anyone can get free 7 photos every 7 days.
  13. LittleVisuals.co
    To get free stock photos for your blog posts, you just need to sign up at this site and this site will send you 7 free images to your inbox every 7 days that too with the creative commons license.
  14. Stockvault.net
    Don’t worry if you do not have even a single picture for your upcoming project. Visit this site now and get free stock photos of high quality. At this site, photographers and designers share their photos, for free. However, they are for non-commercial use.
  15. LifeOfPix.com
    High-resolution images that can be used anywhere you want can easily be found at this site for free. Anyone can easily search images by color or category. The site has stock photos by a Montreal design agency. However, new photos are added weekly under the creative commons license.
  16. Kaboompics.com
    Save money and get free photos from this site for both personal as well as commercial use.
  17. DeathtotheStockPhoto.com
    You can easily sign up for their mailing list to get free stock photos emailed to you every month that are under the creative commons license.
  18. Superfamous.com
    One of the best free stock photo sites for beautiful high-resolution photos. The pictures are under creative commons license but they require attribution.
  19. StartupStockPhotos.com
    This amazing site is completely free to get stock images. You can easily make something creative using the photos available here.
  20. FreeImages.com
    The pictures available here can be used to be StockXchange. Free stock photos are available here. However, you have to check each photo license.
  21. Getrefe.com
    This amazing site for free and HD stock photos mobile contains real-life photos licensed under creative commons.
  22. FreeNatureStock.com
    With millions of free photos for your creative projects and blog posts, daily hundreds of photos are uploaded at this site. Anyone can use them wherever they want.
  23. Stokpic.com
    You can easily save money by visiting this site and downloading hundreds of stock photos for your blog posts for free. The photos can be used for both commercial and personal use.
  24. Resplashed.com
    Are you looking for high-resolution photos of your creative projects? If yes, then visit this site now and get some amazing collection of HD images. There are lots of landscapes and city photos available there under the Creative Commons license.
  25. Pexels.com
    You can easily get 5 new high-quality photos daily for your blog posts that too u der the creative commons license.
  26. ISORepublic.com
    This site is one of the top free stock photo sites where you can find free high-quality photos to make your creative projects even better.
  27. SkitterPhoto.com
    No need to worry about the copyrights now. You can get licensed free high-quality stock images for your projects easily from skitter photo.
  28. JayMantri.com
    The site contains high-quality images by a talented photographer. 7 new photos are added every Thursday that are under the creative commons license.
  29. ThePatternLibrary.com
    Are you looking for the perfect HD patterns to use as backgrounds or in your projects? If yes, then this site is the best place for you to get such photos for FREE.
  30. NegativeSpace.co
    Among thousands of amazing high-resolution stock photos, you can get your favorite one for free and can easily save money.
  31. Pixabay.com
    This international site for photo sharing contains thousands of HD images to use in your blog posts and creative projects without the fear of copyright claims.
  32. Freerangestock.com
    The free-range stock offers a huge range of HD photos that too for free. Anyone can easily get photos from this site and can use them anywhere they want.
  33. LibreShot.com
    All the HD images available at this site are under creative commons license and anyone can use them in their projects or blog posts.
  34. Photype.co
    This amazing sits provides HD stock photos for free and you can also edit the image before downloading it.
  35. FanceCrave.com
    The person who loves amazingly emotional pictures can visit this site for free photos. The photos available at this site can be used anywhere.
  36. MadeInMoments.com
    Do you have a travel blog? If yes, then this site is amazing for you as you can save money by getting hundreds of amazing travel photos for free.
  37. Imcreator.com/free
    The amazing site contains FREE stock images in high resolution for free. Anyone can use them in projects or blog posts.
  38. Superfamous.com
    The images at this site are best for personal as well as commercial use. Anyone can download images from this site and can use anywhere they want.
  39. Travelcoffeebook.com
    This site contains a huge collection of HD travel images that can be used in any travel blog.  
  40. Lockandstockphotos.com
    This, one of the best free stock photo sites provides you some great quality images that can make your project or your blog posts stand out among others.

There you have it, folks! A list of 40 royalty-free stock image resources to get you started on your projects or writings. Don’t forget to read and adhere to their policy!

Whew! Anything I’ve missed? Please share some other sources or any tips in comments! Thanks for reading!

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