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5 Cosmetic Treatments Every Mom Needs to Know About

5 Cosmetic Treatments Every Mom Needs to Know About

The world of corrective (i.e. cosmetic) surgery is actively changing and it has become our immediate assistance helping us deal with our self-image, medical issues, confidence and health. Long gone are days of absolute criticism towards plastic surgery; the times are shifting, and we can see how slowly yet gradually the majority of people is finally dropping the prejudice. One of the best signs that plastic surgery is successfully (and surely) seeping into our lives are numerous Mommy Makeover packages designed to help women that have given birth get back in shape quickly. We applaud the initiative, we really do.

Whoever’s given birth knows that there are times when no amount of exercising, dieting or beauty treatments can eliminate all the stretched marks, extra fat in the thighs, bad facial skin, vaginal discomfort, urinary dysfunction, etc. For that, Mommy Makeover packages are an extraordinary way to help these already phenomenal women get even better, alter their current shape and help them jump into the physical form they used to know.

To all of the moms out there who are considering any form of cosmetic surgery or a surgical touch-up, we’re listing top 5 cosmetic treatments we feel every mom should know about:


Whoever’s given birth the natural way knows that things don’t look and feel the same anymore “down there”. Although “vagina talk” is usually a very sensitive topic for nearly all women, it is important to know that most women are actually suffering from a range of genital/vaginal problems. One of them is related to labia-minora (inner labia), with patients either feeling physical discomfort due to their extended or swollen labias or are unhappy about their vagina’s aesthetics. In recent years, labiaplasty procedure has become one of the most popular surgeries, since women are learning more and more about the procedure. The growing trend of having your vaginal appearance altered is expected to be on the rise in the years to come.

Liposuction / BodyTite Sculpting

Unlike regular liposuction that takes a lot of time to recover from and may not always take (i.e. is known to have a “reverse” effect soon after the procedure), BodyTite is a new and safe alternative. It is perfect for moms who are looking to lose the extra weight after giving birth, as well as other individuals who hope to get rid of the excess body fat. Why we’d rather go with BodyTite than regular lipo? Simply because BodyTite does not only melt (i.e. remove) the desired amount of fat from the body, but it simultaneously re-contours the body, giving it firmness and thickness.

A toning procedure

Every woman should treat her complexion to a toning laser procedure once a year. This treatment achieves a smooth skin texture and a vibrant even skin tone. Once the light penetrates into the skin, it automatically starts stimulating an increase in collagen production, adding to the effective scar, large pores and wrinkles treatment, without destroying the upper layers of skin. A rejuvenating experience like no other, really.


We may as well start with the easiest, least invasive procedure that’s become women’s favorite. Botox is a five-minute procedure that can be used both medically and cosmetically. When used medically, it is injected to treat certain muscular conditions; when used cosmetically, botox is intended to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles. It prevents deep frown lines and keeps the person looking youthful. Botox is also used to treat migraines, excessive sweating, muscular disorders, and some bladder and bowel disorders.

Breast augmentation/Breast lift

Mothers who were breastfeeding often experience loss of breast volume, sagging breast or even mild anomalies in terms of breast size and shape. This is an absolutely normal consequence of breastfeeding and aging, which is why breast augmentation and breast lift come in handy.

Breast augmentation surgery doesn’t last long, but the recovery is known to be longish and painful. In case of breast augmentation, implants are to be replaced every few years. When it comes to a breast lift, there are no implants. The surgeon is working with your existing breast tissue by altering it to fit your expected size/position. Breast tissue is lifted, the excess skin removed, with nipples and areolae moved to agree with the new breast size/shape. Sometimes, the areolae are reduced in size.

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