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5 Eyelash Hacks Every Woman Should Know

5 Eyelash Hacks Every Woman Should Know

There are all kinds of beauties with different kinds of preferences and beloved makeup techniques. However, what they all have in common is a desire for a little extra drama on the eyes, the kind of drama that only lashes larger than life can provide them. Beauty gurus, makeup artists and general makeup lovers all over the world resort to all kinds of tricks to get that extra length and volume that could stop traffic, and today, we share with you some of the most useful tips. If you crave as full dramatic eye look, we’re here to deliver, so let’s do this.

The first resort

Most women of today resort to a variety of false lashes. Some are natural-looking and wispy, others are thick, long and loaded with drama. It’s all a matter of preference. If you’re dexterous with the eyelash glue and have a steady hand that can perfectly place lashes so they look completely invisible and mesh with your natural ones, kudos to you. However, there is one little money-saving hack that most beauty lovers are still unaware of. If you clean your falsies properly, you can reuse them up to five times. All you need is a Q-tip, a clean tissue to lay the falsies on and some good eye makeup remover. Use the Q-tip to remove all the excess glue until it’s completely gone. If you applied a touch of mascara on your falsies, gently clean the lashes as well. After that, just place them in a safe dry space, like a clean box, and they’re ready for several more usages.

Take the natural route

Okay, not all women have been graced with amazing lashes that require just a few coats of mascara and bam – they’re ready to walk out the door. It’s a rare occurrence actually, but not one that cannot be fixed. If you want your lashes to grow, be strong, voluminous and healthy, a great eyelash growth serum is an absolute must-have product. Women with inconspicuous lashes have been using these types of serums for a while now, and they truly work wonders. After all, why rely on falsies when you can get a great ‘original’ show-stopping pair? You just need to be consistent and patient, and trust us, the results will be more than visible before you know it.

Almost perfect

This happens all the time – you have a great set of lashes, but they just won’t go up! You use the best curlers, spend tons of money on them, purchase mascaras that promise a great curl and still nothing. Well, the makeup industry has been very inventive and now we have a range of eyelash primers that will make your lashes strong and sturdy. Now, the curling trick is genius – apply the lash primer before using your curler, wait a minute and then apply your go-to mascara. This trick is bound to keep those lashes right where you want them, and they will stay put until you remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Double-duty beauty

Desperate times call for great hacks, and there is nothing better than a product that can be used in multiple ways. If you’re an eyeliner girl, but somehow in the midst of your hectic days you forgot to replace your empty eyeliner, there is no reason to go without. All you need is your mascara and your faithful eyeliner brush. Take the product – (waterproof mascara is better but a regular one will work, too) and take some product from the mascara wand. You’ll get the same results, and if you love the trick, you’ll even save your wallet too as you’ll just buy mascara and use it in two ways. You’re welcome.

Oh, no!

You have a busy day ahead of you and you need to look flawless. Of course, there is nothing to elevate your makeup look like a good mascara. However, one morning you’ll be getting ready and discover that your mascara has become completely dry and clumpy. There’s no way you’re walking out without a few coats of it, so what do you do? If you have a contact solution, a few drops will bring the ‘dead’ mascara back to life in no time. If not, there is always the trusty makeup remover, preferably one that has alcohol as an ingredient. Just add a few drops to your mascara tube, shake a little, and voila – the day is saved. This will give you an at least five-day grace period, but don’t forget to stock up on mascara, it is a vital makeup product after all.

Love these hacks? We know you do. Now run off, try them all when the times call for it, and you are very welcome. 

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